Confined Space Closes Down

Jordan Barab is shutting down his landmark blog. It’s a loss we can’t even measure. He was the only one doing it, and what he was doing – unlike most of what the rest of us do: screw around – was important. He was part of the inspiration for Trenches, and I owe him for that as well as for educating me and everyone else about the parlous state of workplace safety since Bush was elected and promptly turned the Labor Department over to ace anti-union corporate lawyer Elaine Chao, cut OSHA’s funding in half, fired its inspectors, and put in place his idiotic “voluntary” system of compliance (“voluntary” meaning companies could ignore the health and safety of their workers and never hear a peep from the Bush Administration).

It was a bad time and Jordan was that rare sane voice you hear – if you’re lucky – when the wind is just right as you’re stumbling around, lost, trying to find your way home. In the midst of madness and fear, there he was. Quiet, compelling, and righteously pissed off.

He was – is – one of a kind, and so was his blog. My obit here. Better yet, click the link above and go say good-bye.

5 responses to “Confined Space Closes Down

  1. You’re right, of course, losing CS is a trial. But you are back and so I feel like the Universe is in balance. If you were still on hiatus when Jordan left, I’d be in a panic. As I told Jordan in the comments at CS, I always think of you and him in the same mental breath.

  2. You’re very kind but you need to take another mental breath. Jordan is a dedicated expert; I’m just a gadfly. I’m no more an adequate replacement for him than Grouch Marx would be for a neurosurgeon. If I ever looked good on workplace safety, it was because I was stealing from him.

    Who am I going to steal from now, huh? Answer me that. How can I continue to impress people with my erudition, wit, depth of knowledge and breadth of insight if everybody I count on stealing that stuff from is going to go and quit?


  3. Yes, Jordan was excellent for primary research. I still think you’re in the same league of labor blogger. I’m sure if you email him, he’ll send you leads.

  4. duh, that’s me, eRob :)

  5. duh, that’s me, eRob :)

    Yes, I know, paa (or is that “Paw”?). I recognized you right away by your Pennsylvania Dutch accent and the silly grin of a person living in a Rick Santorum-less state. (Or is that a state of Rick Santorumlessness?)

    The lead thing is a good idea. I will.

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