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Griffin Quits

Not that we could possibly have had anything whatever to do with it, BUT….

Three days after this blog explained to the world why Rove pinboy Tim Griffin had to be installed in Arkansas as US Attorney, Rove pinboy Tim Griffin quit.

The U.S. Justice Department has notified Arkansas’s congressional delegation that Interim Eastern District U.S. Attorney Tim Griffin is resigning effective Friday, June 1. Jane Duke will become acting U.S. attorney. (This is the assistant in the office who the Justice Department once had said had to be passed over as an interim appointee because of her pregnancy. Since it’s illegal to discriminate on account of pregnancy, Justice had to back off this statement.)

Still no word from the White House on selection of a nominee to put through the Senate confirmation process from a slate sent up by Rep. John Boozman.

“This is long overdue and a positive development,” said Michael Teague, a spokesman for U.S. Sen. Mark Pryor. “Credibility is being restored to the leadership postion at the U.S. attorney’s office. We have confidence Jane Duke will do a good job.”

Yeah, it is. And she probably will. So whassup? Was Pryor putting the heat on? And why would anybody, least of all Griffin, care if he was?

I would certainly like to hear the 411 on this development. At this hour, nothing in the big papers or at TPM. Could we have – ?

Noooo……. Could we?

(Link courtesy Avedon Carol)

Bush Nominates Yet Another Racist to the Federal Bench (updated)

People for the American Way are reporting that Bush has just nominated yet another racist, sexist, anti-labor judge to a seat on the Federal bench, this time for the Fifth Circuit Court of Appeals.

Leslie SouthwickPresident Bush has nominated Leslie Southwick to fill a seat on the US Court of Appeals for the Fifth Circuit. Bush previously tried to fill the seat with Charles Pickering and then Michael Wallace, both of whom faced significant opposition due to their disturbing legal records, especially on civil rights.

“Regrettably, Southwick also has a troubling record and appears to be cut from the same cloth as the others,” said Ralph G. Neas, President of People For the American Way. “First Pickering, then Wallace, and now Southwick – Bush has completely struck out on the Fifth Circuit.”

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The GOP Is Weak? Really? You Wouldn’t Kid Me, Would Ya?

Found in today’s NYT: “Some Hitherto Staunch G.O.P. Voters Souring on Iraq“:

While a majority of Republican voters continue to support Mr. Bush and the Iraq war, including the recent increase in American troops deployed, there are concerns that the war is undermining the party’s political position.

Would some one please explain to the Times that that train done left the station, like, a year ago?

Republicans are now officially OUT. Of favor, of time, of patience. The country (see, “election, Nov ’06”) has had it. We’re fed up to the teeth with the whole clinically-insane lot of them. With their wars and their stupidity and their greed and their theivery, with their nutbag theories and their bragging and their lies and their lack of connection to any kind of actual, observable reality – all of it.

Maybe we ought to re-name it the New York Times-Warp.

Directive 51 Isn’t the Problem: It’s Those Secret Annexes

There has been some concern – probably not enough – over Bush’s recent signing of Directive 51. Directive 51 effectively moves responsibility for the management of a “catastrophic emergency” from FEMA and other scattered Federal depts into a single locus – the White House.

Pam Spaulding at pendagon titled her post on this, “Bush: dictator with a stroke of a pen” and called the Directive a “power grab”. In a typical response like several I got in my email over the weekend, one writer put it this way:

“On May 9th, 2007, Bush declared himself dictator, with Directive #51. With any catastrophic event as determined by President Bush, he is able to take over all 3 branches of government until he determines the catastrophe is over. Maybe somebody jaywalking could activate the catastrophe.

Well, it’s not going to be that easy but one takes his point. Loosely constructed and loosely construed, Directive 51 could give Bush dictatorial power if interpreted incorrectly, there’s not much doubt about that. What is in doubt is whether it really gives him the power it seems to.

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Resurrection? Or Regurgitation?

Those of you not getting Witness via RSS will have noticed a few changes to the sidebar, viz.: a whole new collection of links to “Serial Fiction” blogs. Well, three links, actually. Not so many as to justify the word “collection”, but I digress. Oh, and a new link to an old blog.

Briefly, I discovered, much to my surprise and amazement, that Squarespace Hosting did not after all delete the old Resistance blog. It did delete everything I uploaded – photos and resource materials, most of them in pdf. format – but the blog itself remained intact.

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Message for Memorial Day


Bring them home.

Stealing ’08: Why Tim Griffin’s Appointment Was So Important

I have been hinting (here and here) that the Gonzo tumult is a distraction from the main event: Karl Rove’s use of the Justice Dept to provide cover for his planned theft of the 2008 election. While the Congress – and the country – wastes its time and energy trying to get Gonzo Al to resign (we know Bush won’t fire him under any circumstances), Rove’s USA replacements are gearing up for an election full of dirty tricks and illegal rights-embezzling.

Why, for example, was it so damned important to get a legal non-entity like Tim Griffin into a USA spot in a potential swing state that Harriet Miers was willing to pressure top Rove political aide Sara Taylor (who resigned today, perhaps feeling the investigators breathing down her neck and seeing the writing on the wall) to lean on Kyle Sampson and Monica Goodling to fire Bud Cummins so Timmy could have his job?

Let’s see, shall we?

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