Daily Archives: January 21, 2007

Has Hillary Lost Her Mind?

I never got around to writing this, but I’ll admit it as if I had: a few months ago, I would have given odds that Hillary wouldn’t run. Good odds. I thought all the talk about her running for president was smoke and hot air. Why would she voluntarily open herself to the kind of vitriolic filth that would ooze from the Right like primordial slime the second she announced? They hate her. They hate her more than they hate Bill. They hate her more than they hate Teddy, and before Hillary I wouldn’t have thought that was possible. They hate her because she’s a woman and because she stuck her nose in where a woman’s nose doesn’t belong when Bill was Pres. They hate her with a hate that is searing – bitter, bottomless, and as bilious as snake-puke.

I can hear Limbaugh and O’Reilly now:

Hillary had an abortion, you know.
Sources say Hillary murdered Vincent Foster.
Sean, there’s speculation today that Hillary Clinton was responsible for the massacre of 37 people when she visited Darfur last year.
WorldNetDaily and Matt Drudge are reporting that Hillary Clinton is having an affair with Satan. Sources say that Beelzebub will hand her the White House if she agrees to bear his evil child, who they allege will be the Anti-Christ when he grows up.

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