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Georgia Supreme Court Frees Genarlow Wilson

I’ve written extensively about the Genarlow Wilson case, more than once calling it a “travesty”. I’m not going to repeat all that here (click the link for the series if you want to know the background) but will simply note that after the Georgia AG refused to release Wilson when a superior court judge ordered him to, he insisted on taking the case all the way to the State Supreme Court rather than admit the local prosecutor, Eddie Barker, had fucked up royally. Barker threw a hissy fit when Wilson refused to plead guilty to a felony sex offense and threw the book at him. Genarlow’s been in jail ever since.

Today, the Georgia Supreme Court agreed with Superior Court Judge Thomas Wilson (no relation) and ordered Generlow released, calling his 10-yr sentence “cruel and unusual”. Georgia AG Thurlow Baker (no relation to Eddie) has only one more option if he insists on pursuing the case – taking it to the SCOTUS. No word yet on whether AG Baker is prepared, finally, to let this absurd charge die the death it deserves and allow Wilson to go back to his life.