Daily Archives: January 6, 2007

The Economy: Jobs, Wages, and the Bush Tax Cuts

There’s been a swath of economic news this week and whether it’s good or bad seems to depend entirely on one’s POV. A couple of days ago we noted that when the International Council for Shopping Centers released sales figures for the last quarter, they were down .3% from last year. The AP called it a “lackluster” performance and the ICSC said it was “disappointing”. But for WaPo business reporters Nell Henderson and Howard Schneider, everything’s coming up roses. Continue reading

A Surreal Day

Found at Doonesbury’s milblog, The Sandbox, from Teflon Don, stationed in Ramadi:

Tonight we went out on another mission, a short one, to clear part of one of the main routes between here and all the other military bases in Iraq. Coming back, we had a bomb explode near us. However, it was no ordinary bomb. This one was a shell, strapped to what appeared to be a roller skate, which was pulled across the road in front of us. Apparently the bad guys have been watching too many old cartoons, and called Acme to order their bomb. My truck has now earned the nickname “Roadrunner”, for having survived an attack by Wile E. Coyote.

And as if that wasn’t enough, Chuck Norris, too.