Why Isn’t Lauri Fitz-Pegado In Jail?

This is not a rhetorical question.

Lauri Fitz-Pegado was the PR rep at Hill & Knowlton who orchestrated a massive fraud on behalf of her clients, the Kuwaiti govt, in an attempt–ultimately successful–to convince the people of the US to back the First Gulf War. Using real Congressmen friendly to Bush I’s agenda, she rigged a phony “Congressional investigation” of atrocities in Iraq and coached a member of the Kuwaiti Royal Family in giving phony “testimony” in which she claimed, among other things, to have seen Iraqi soldiers ripping premature infants from their incubators and impaling them on their bayonets.

Her “dramatization” was a key element in pushing the US into supporting Poppy’s war, but the incidents “Nayirah” testified to never happened and the Congressional Committee which Fitz-Pegado presented as “real” in fact was anything but. It was not discovered until after the war was over that the whole thing had been staged by Hill & Knowlton, an advertising agency. The incident inspired the film, Wag the Dog, and became infamous as the most elaborate–and expensive–political dirty trick on record.

I assumed she’d gone to jail behind that stunt since she’d broken a number of the laws around fraud and misrepresentation. But now I read (via Mark Crispin Miller) that she is still working, this time for The Livingston Group (a Washington lobbying firm with a lot of powerful connections), and that she will be promoting a book by the doctor who helped Jessica Lynch when she was injured.

Considering that she perpetrated a gigantic fraud that started a war, why is this woman not in jail?

4 responses to “Why Isn’t Lauri Fitz-Pegado In Jail?

  1. Why isn’t Lauri Fitz-Pegado In Jail? The woman should be in jail – along with Nurse Nayirah (The daughter of the then Kuwait Ambassador to the U.S.)

    That lie launched a war of questionable justification, costing the lives of a million Iraqi civilians via the trade sanctions and allowed the area to be contaminated with the residue of the genetic poison left by the use of depleted and un-depleted uranium (illegal weaponry) from exploded munitions courtesy of the United States Military.

    Iraqi babies are now being born alive with gross deformities and unheard of cancers or, if they are lucky, they are stillborn. Unranium with more or less radioactivity is a heavy metal and poisons the DNA – even without the bobnus of radioactivity.

    What do you call a crime when you attack a nation and sow the seeds of genocide?

    The United States of America is notorious for convicting the innocent on grounds of “guilt by association” or the perjured evidence. The U.S. is a fascist run corporate state and it’s failure to hold the Bush Sr./Bush Jr./Cheney/Rumsfeld/Powell,Rice & Gates crime syndicate and their Eurpoean toadies, like Tony Blair, reponsible proves it.

    Fritz-Pegado and the complicit ex Kuwait Ambassador and his lying daughter are psychopaths – without conscience or even a speck of humanity.

    And Presidenbt Obama’s failure to have his attoreny general investigate these crimes and his wanting to pump up teh illega Afghanistan war with 40,000 more troops (he wants to kill Bin Lauden – who is most likely dead anyhow) sugests that he too is willing to join tis evil club of mass murderers.

  2. scott thompson

    i hope every member of the bush family gets ass raped and murdered. all they ever didi to me was tell interenational level lies. good riddance to that crusty cunt.

  3. scott thompson

    poor incubator babies.


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