Daily Archives: January 5, 2007

President Stonewall’s Last Stand

If you were looking for a sign of what the president’s attitude toward the new Congress is going to be, you just got it: Harriet Miers is history. The long-time Bush-buddy is leaving because she just isn’t tough enough. The White House, you see, is gearing up for another war. With the Democrats.

Miers, a longtime Bush loyalist whose nomination to the Supreme Court was withdrawn in 2005 as a result of conservative opposition, led an office that will oversee legal clashes that could erupt if Democrats aggressively use their new subpoena power. Bush advisers inside and outside the White House concluded that she is not equipped for such a battle and that the president needs someone who can strongly defend his prerogatives.

You may translate “prerogatives” as “Imperial power grab”. President Stonewall is expecting and determined to repulse any attempt by the Democrats to make his administration accountable. Continue reading