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CEO Pay 3: The Gap Closes on Pressler, Flood Fizzles

While it doesn’t quite come up to the Nardelli Standard, still a $$$14.5Mil$$$ severance package for another fired CEO who took his company into the dumper is nothing to sneeze at. Continue reading

Arrival of First Surge Troops Goes Unnoticed by MSM

William Arkin, one of the WaPo journalist/bloggers (The Early Warning), noticed yesterday that the announcement of the arrival in Iraq of the first troops in Bush’s escalation surge, which announcement took place, natch, on a Friday, hadn’t been reported by the MSM. Continue reading

The Raw Story | SNL lampoons Sen. Clinton on Hardball

From The Raw Story, a chop-job clip from Saturday Night Live that savages Hillary and manages to make Chris Matthews sympathetic by comparison. What’s going on over there? SNL has been stumbling along, growing lamer ever year. Now they’re righties?

It’s a shame, too, because Darrell Hammond has Matthews nailed, right down to his robotic expression and sudden, pointless bursts of LOUD. It’s unfortunate that the script could have been written by Ann Coulter.

Maybe it was.

NeoCondi Threatens Businesses…in Germany

NeoCondi Rice, Secretary of State for the State of States’ States, was in Berlin this weekend, living up to her reputation as one tough bitch who don’t take nuffin’ f’um nobody, man. Apparently informed that some German businesses were doing business with businesses in Iran, NeoCondi lost no time in coming down hard. On businesses.

BERLIN (Reuters) – U.S. Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice said companies should beware of doing business with Iran and think about the possibility of more sanctions.

Yeah, you just think about that, you greedy corporate friends of Al Qaeda! Sanctions! You know, those weak-ass things she used to make fun of? Well, not any more.

Beware the NeoCondi! She’s kicking ass and taking names. You doubt it? Listen to this:

“I think people ought to think about the risk of further sanctions. The United States is clearly sanctioning Iranian banks and our laws are very tough on those who deal with banks that we have sanctioned.”

Lawsie, Miss Condi. Yo’ shuh cain put a sintince tugethuh, cain’t yuh? (I swear to god, the above quote is verbatim. I didn’t make it up. Click the link and see for yourself.)

Well, why not? We’ve got a C-average president who can’t read worth a lick. Why not a Secretary of State who can’t talk worth a handful of garbanzo beans? I’m sure enough sure she sure must have impressed ol’ Andrea Merkel right enough.

“Andrea, we’re concerned about our concerns in Iran. They concern us.”

“I’m sure they do, Madame Secretary. It’s a serious situation.”

“It concerns us. I want you to know that we’re not taking this lightly. We’re concerned.” Continue reading