Daily Archives: January 10, 2007

Who Me? – The 2007 Koufax Awards

I’m only home for a few minutes between crucial errand-running and going to work but I had to stop long enough to acknowledge an event comparable to, say, Paris Hilton being nominated for an Oscar.

Over at Norwegianity, The Wege has nominated Witness for not one but two – count ’em, two (2) – Koufax awards.

I would be flabbergastedly honored beyond belief and/or credulity were it not for the fact that I have a sneaking suspicion he may have been imbibing a wee bit too much in celebration of his rash clearing up. Still, his other choices seem sane (except that he doesn’t understand the difference between a “community blog” and a “group blog”), so maybe it wasn’t a drunken accident after all. If not, then I own to being flabbergastedly honored beyond belief and/or credulity. So there.

Incidentally, Wege, a “community blog” is a diary site like dKos or My DD; a “group blog” is a blog with multiple users posting to it. The American Street would be a group blog.

Having been offline for the whole year, I’m not going to participate in the awards because I’m too far out of touch. Some of my favorite blogs have disappeared or are about to, and I haven’t even begun to catch up on the new ones. But if I was going to vote, here’s who I’d vote for: Continue reading

The New Dispatch from the Trenches Is Here

As threatened, I have re-animated my old blog focusing on working-class news and commentary, Dispatch from the Trenches, and moved it here to WordPress. I even imported the archives of the Blogger Trenches, and while the posts are a couple of years old now, there are some that are still worth re-reading. You’ll find it here and I hope you’ll add it to your blogroll along with Witness.

Real posts will follow soon – I spent so much time aetting it up that I just don’t have time to write today. Maybe tonight. Certainly tomorrow.