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Confusing Your Geeks


If Democrat Healthcare “Reform” Was Applied to Other Kinds of Insurance

Life Insurance

1) “I’m sorry but your husband died of cancer and that’s not on our Approved Causes List.”

“Approved Causes List? What causes of death do you approve?”

“Strangulation by an enraged artichoke.”


“Um, is that all?”

“Yes. We consider everything else to be uncovered.”

Consumer flips frantically through several hundred pages of Coverage Information. “It doesn’t say anything about artichokes in here.”

“No. You should have asked.”

“About artichokes?”

“It was your responsibility. Don’t look at me. The Congress says so.”


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The Democrat Leadership’s Logic Explained

Remember “At least Obama isn’t Bush and you should be grateful”? Danae does. (Click to enlarge)


I Couldn’t Have Said It Better Myself: Assholes

Via Mark, one of the most pungent and complete assessments of the Republican base/party ever coined in a single sentence (bolded). From Balloon Juice‘s John Cole:

The funny thing about all of this is that no matter how bad all their ideas are, no matter how disastrous their governance has been, no matter how many horrible things they have done to the economy and this country, what really is killing the Republican party is that deep down, they are just complete assholes. You see it in the way they treat women, you see it in the way they treat minorities, you see it in the way they treat homosexuals, you see it in the way they treat anyone who is not a white Christian, and you see it in the way they treat anyone who disagrees with them slightly about anything. They just have no respect for anyone, and it shows.

Yup. That about covers it.

The Obama Admin Announces Their New Motto

Joel Pett, USA Today

joel pett

Yeah, That’s What I Thought



Um…No Comment

Boeing picks a right-to-work state for its new factory. You know, cheap. But David Horsey foresees a few problems….


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