Oregon Update and Omnium Review

Remember the Oregon House Speaker, Karen Minnis, the radcon who called a session without benefit of the Senate? Jeff at Notes on the Atrocities posted what happened.

12:41That was the final length of Oregon’s “special session”–which the Republican Speaker of the House tried to convene despite the absence of the Senate. No plan, no legislators, no quorum, no dice.

Another fine day in the recent annals of Oregon politics.

While we were scrolling the site, we discovered that we made NOTA’s Link of the Day and were extensively reviewed. Favorably, to our utter shock and disbelief. Excerpt:

Mick’s site is one of those pleasantly unkempt blogs that screams individuality. He’s got analysis, poetry, and random cultural bits all thrown together–but not in the belly-button-gazing way that makes some blogs tedious. He’s guaranteed to have something on there you won’t find anywhere else on the blogosphere. (As things become more homogenized, and we all chase the same WaPo articles, it’s a good change.)

Idiosyncracy validated. I’m so proud. (But is he trying to tell me to straighten up? Nah.)

Congratulations, campers. You’re reading an Official Original with the NOTA imprimature. (Maybe I won’t make this site more like the others, less loud and obstreperous, after all. It seems to be a virtue.)

YOU MUST ALL NOW READ NOTA EVERY DAY BY OMNIUM LAW. (Don’t worry, it’s an easy order to obey. He’s very good.)

Update: Perhaps due to NOTA’s review, Omnium has also just been bumped up from ‘Crawly Amphibian’ to ‘Slithering Reptile’ in the Blogosphere’s Ecosystem.

OmniumIt walks, it talks, it crawls on its belly like a reptile.

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