Pick Your Kerry Veep

Somebody named ‘John Moe’ at Timothy McSweeney’s Recipes Are for Sauerkraut has posted a Top 20 List of possible Kerry VP candidates ranging from:

1. John Edwards, Senator, North CarolinaPro: Charismatic public speaker

Con: Not likely to deliver home state, may outshine Kerry

2. John McCain, Senator, Arizona

Pro: Independent thinker, veteran, may draw Republican votes

Con: Is a Republican, disagrees with Kerry on most things


19. Fourteen dogs from Ohio; OhioPro: Everyone loves dogs, each dog could be different, like one’s a mean dog and one’s a cute dog and one wears glasses and looks like a computer-whiz dog, could deliver swing state

Con: So many dogs could mean diluted message, can’t talk

20. Jesus, Messiah, Nazareth

Pro: Would put Bush in uncomfortable position of attacking his personal Lord and Savior, could redefine Christianity instantly for political gain, likable

Con: Mythical

Food for thought….

(Thanks to David Grenier)

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