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Hope Dies Last

Eliseo Medina, a long time union activist who used to march with Cesar Chavez, is in deep shit.

So there Mr. Medina was on Friday, now 67 years old, in a white tent just below the Capitol on the National Mall in the 11th day of a water-only fast he hopes will “touch the heart” of the House speaker, John A. Boehner of Ohio, and make him act on immigration.

Despite Boehner’s penchant for tears whenever he’s feeling sorry for himself –


which he does a lot – would you really want to bet your existence on his heart? On his ability to empathize with someone in trouble? Other than himself, of course.

I am loaded with admiration for Mr Medina’s courage and optimism, but his judgement may need a little work. You can’t shame the shameless.