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Privatizing the PO

Rep Darrell Issa (R-CA) is trying to turn the Post Office over to Staples.

While slamming Democrats, [American Postal Workers Union president Mark] Dimondstein reserved special condemnation for Issa, the Republicans’ leading voice on postal reform. Noting that Issa had proposed eliminating Saturday postal service as part of a bill undoing veterans’ pension cuts, the union president called the congressman “a pure enemy of the Postal Service…”

This is, of course, a half-truth. In fact, Issa has shown himself to be an enemy of all public services, including free parks and libraries. He has consistently advocated the privatization of all govt functions, proposing that even police and military be replaced by private security firms and fire depts be paid for by subscription. So it really isn’t fair for the postal workers’ union to single him out. Still, it’s typical of the Issa wing of the party (the wing which is, after all, in control of the party) to attach an attack on a public union to a bill cutting veterans’ benefits. Sort of a Pub’s Dream Two-fer.

An Issa “spokesperson” (you can never get these guys to reply personally to any communication from the hoi-polloi) replied to the union’s criticism this way:

This false claim about privatization is being pushed by entrenched special interests who oppose common sense and bipartisan reforms in both House and Senate postal modernization bills.

“Special interests” may be accurately considered as a reference to unions since Issa defines “public interest” as anything a corporation wants, but the interesting word here is “false”. Whenever Issa and his people have claimed that some unpleasant fact reported about this peppy little stooge of the powerful was “false”, all the evidence proved it was true, which in turns mean this flat denial likely proves it’s exactly what this is all about.

The most obvious question here is: did Staples contribute to Issa’s campaign and if so how much? But Salon’s reporter, Josh Eidelson never asks – let alone answers – that question. Instead he delves deeply into Dianne Feinstein’s husband’s connections to Staples (to no very great effect) because he’s suspicious of La F’s refusal to support the union’s preferred bill (offered by Vermont senator Bernie Sanders), a bill he doesn’t bother to explain.

It seems that even “progressives” can’t bring themselves to directly attack extreme corporate puppets like Issa, who has never had a thought a corporation didn’t put in his head.

PS I don’t have to explain why privatizing the Post Office is a really bad idea, do I?

Imperial Sugar Off the Hook

A few years ago a sugar refinery owned by Imperial Sugar of Savannah, Georgia, exploded. Fifteen people were killed and dozens were injured, some severely. The explosion was the direct result of a corporate refusal to obey safety rules designed to avoid just this kind of event. OSHA, over a single 2-year period, hit Imperial Sugar with over 200 Notices of Violation. Corporate management ignored them. After all, we all know OSHA is just a busybody nitpicker that gives corporations a hard time for no reason. They know what they’re doing. They don’t have to listen to some liberal government pinhead whine about how they should have done this irrelevant action instead of that one.

That’s how – and why – 15 people died. Continue reading

Moloch in Action: How It Works

Jim Morin, Miami Herald

Um…No Comment

Boeing picks a right-to-work state for its new factory. You know, cheap. But David Horsey foresees a few problems….


(Click picture to enlarge.)

WTF Happened to the Real Barney Frank?

Once upon a time there was a liberal crusader named Barney Frank. Barney was famous for his toughness, his smarts, and his canny ability to realize when he was being conned. Then the Democrat party won the Congress back and Barney found himself Chair of the House Financial Service Committee. Suddenly (*dummmm da dum-dum*) he was replaced by an evil twin who became the banksters’ best friend, shoveling them $$$ by the barrel and protecting their profits at our expense. What happened? Who pulled the switcheroo?

Continue reading

What They’re Not Telling You About the “Miracle” Rescue

All 155 passengers were rescued from the US Airways jet that crashed into the Hudson. What the media has failed completely to mention is that the rescuers were all union members. For instance:

Sullenberger is a former national committee member and the former safety chairman for the Airline Pilots Association and now represented by US Airline Pilots Association. He–and his union–have fought to ensure pilots get the kind of safety training to pull off what he did yesterday.

Studs Terkel complained for years that while every newspaper had a Business Section, a Lifestyle Section, and a Travel Section, none – NONE – had a Labor Section. In fact, most newspapers, magazines, and electronic news shows ignore Labor until somebody gets caught with their hand in the till or some employer shafts his emloyees so badly they go on strike. Even in the latter case, the papers and news shows (teevee, as usual, is the worst offender this way) usually approach strikes as demands for money, rarely bothering to go into other issues – workplace safety, job security, health insurance – that make up the background to most job actions.

And then we wonder why unions have such a lousy reputation. But of course the corporate media doesn’t under-report unions because it’s biased against Labor.

No, no, it can’t be that.

Two Hookers Discuss the GOP

The GOP convention, it seems, is a bonanza for sex workers.

“Bo, there’s so many strippers and hookers in town to play ‘hide the WMD’ with these conservatives, it would make Larry Flynt proud. They flew in from London, Seattle, L.A., all over, just for this, because demand is so high.””Wow! Wait wait wait, I’m confused. Aren’t the Republicans supposed to be the ‘moral,’ sex-hating, anti-women, Bible-quoting ones? I don’t get it.”

“Worst-kept secret in all of politics, Bo. It’s a fact: Demand for sex workers is at an all-time high when the GOP convention’s in town. Hell, there was even a New York Daily News article about it a while back. These Repubs are such a desperately horny, repressed bunch, they just can’t get enough of paying for ‘amoral’ sex. So ironic. If Middle America only knew how this group is so fulla perverts and horndogs, they’d have a fit.”

Selective Accounting

The NYT reports that an independent accounting firm has come up with new rules for measuring public employee health care costs.

WASHINGTON, June 20 — New accounting standards will require state and local governments to acknowledge the full cost of health benefits promised to retirees, putting immense pressure on public employers to reduce their liabilities by scaling back benefits or shifting more of the cost to retirees, government officials and accountants say.Supporters say the rules will help state and local officials, investors and taxpayers understand the magnitude of these commitments to current and future retirees.

I have to admit, I’m of two minds about this. On the one hand, it’s important–even critical–that accounting practices be put in place that count all the costs and don’t allow the kind of hide-the-sausage tricks that have led to $$Billions$$ being stolen from investors and the public treasury.

On the other hand, I note that while the IRS and the SEC have been extremely slow to develop rules that would disallow corporations from hiding behind these accounting scams, they have been quick to support efforts to call traditional Democratic constituencies to account (pardon the pun but it’s one of the fringe benefits/dangers–Select One–of reading this blog). Now we have a set of rules that endangers the retirement programs of public employees.

Most public employers finance retiree health benefits on a pay-as-you-go basis, as bills come due. Experts on employee benefits said the new standards would encourage state and local officials to set aside money in trust funds for the purpose of providing health benefits to retirees.The cost of such contributions would be a new, immediate expense for state and local governments, many of which are already struggling with severe financial problems.

Labor unions and health plan administrators said the standards could jeopardize health benefits for millions of retired public employees. Moreover, they said, the standards will cause a fiscal shock to state and local government agencies and could harm their bond ratings.

“We are concerned that a lot of our retirees will end up losing their health benefits,” said Frederick H. Nesbitt, executive director of the National Conference on Public Employee Retirement Systems.

And they very well might–the radcons will have no compunctions about using this information to attack not just public employee benefits but the whole notion of public employees period, citing retirement and health benefit costs to justify turning yet more govt agencies over to the not-so-tender mercies of private companies who will eliminate those benefits as ‘unacceptable costs’ and then go right ahead and charge 10X what those benefits cost for their ‘services’ because, after all, this is America and they’re entitled to make a profit.

I’m not saying they cooked this up for just that reason–I think the GASB is doing what it thinks is right, and probably is right. But I am saying this is a potential bonanza for privatizers and that they won’t hesitate to exploit it for their own purposes.

Seems like in BushCo America you can’t even Do the Right Thing without being afraid of how the radcons will twist it to get what they want.

Who’s Paying for Our Productivity?

Under the heading “Caution: Weasels at Work” (which I damn near stole, it’s so good), ratboy’s anvil links to a long story in today’s NY Times about the newly-discovered (though old in execution, trust me on that one–been there, done that, bought the t-shirt) corporate theft device, time-shaving. “Shaving time” is when a corporate manager sneaks into the records and deletes some of the hours worked by each of his/her employees. That’s right: time-shaving is the corporate policy – unwritten, of course, it’s always passed on verbally to managers — of cheating its employees of money they have earned.

I remember this practice from the 60’s and 70’s. Federal crackdowns and Labor Dept lawsuits pretty much stamped it out — it is illegal, after all. But in the lax, corporate-friendly/worker-hostile era of BushCo, it has made a roaring comeback, small surprise.

Experts on compensation say that the illegal doctoring of hourly employees’ time records is far more prevalent than most Americans believe. The practice, commonly called shaving time, is easily done and hard to detect — a simple matter of computer keystrokes — and has spurred a growing number of lawsuits and settlements against a wide range of businesses.

Workers have sued Family Dollar and Pep Boys, the auto parts and repair chain, accusing managers of deleting hours. A jury found that Taco Bell managers in Oregon had routinely erased workers’ time. More than a dozen former Wal-Mart employees said in interviews and depositions that managers had altered time records to shortchange employees. The Department of Labor recently reached two back-pay settlements with Kinko’s photocopy centers, totaling $56,600, after finding that managers in Ithaca, N.Y., and Hyannis, Mass., had erased time for 13 employees.

Computers, to be honest about it, may have made this a little easier but not that much easier. It was always pretty easy. Employers used to dick around with the actual time cards but tampering was too easy to spot. By the time I was working as a spot-welder for a small company in NH, managers had figured out that they were the ones who had control of both the time cards and the payroll sheets, and that no one could prove shaving without seeing both. So they made policies that time cards were company property and workers weren’t allowed to see them after they were turned in to the payroll dept.

Once everything was locked up, only the bookkeepers and managers had access to the records. Managers made changes in the hours numbers on the payroll sheets, and if you complained those were what you were shown. If you wanted to see the time cards to compare them with the payroll sheets, well, no, you couldn’t do that because, you see, the time cards were private property; you’d need a court order to pry them loose.

There’s nothing new under the sun, folks.

This practice is blatantly, obviously, and spectacularly illegal. Worse, it is dishonest. I might even say vile. There’s no possible excuse for it, and no legitimate reason to do it. It is embezzlement, pure and simple. So why do it? Same old answer: Greed.

“There are a lot of incentives for store managers to cut costs in illegal ways,” said David Lewin, a professor of management who teaches a course on compensation at the University of California, Los Angeles. “You hope that would be contrary to company practices, but sometimes these practices become so ingrained that they become the dominant practice.”

The companies, of course, claim it is contrary to their policies–

Officials at Toys “R” Us, Family Dollar, Pep Boys, Wal-Mart and Taco Bell say they prohibit manipulation of time records, but many acknowledge that it sometimes happens.

“Our policy is to pay hourly associates for every minute they work,” said Mona Williams, vice president for communications at Wal-Mart. “With a company this large, there will inevitably be instances of managers doing the wrong thing. Our policy is if a manager deliberately deletes time, they’re dismissed.”

–but the defendants say it’s common practice and it comes on orders from the top.

Rosann Wilks, who was an assistant manager at a Pep Boys in Nashville, said she was fired in 2001 after refusing to delete time. She said her district manager told her, “Under no circumstances at all is overtime allowed, and if so, then you need to shave time.”


Mr. Pooters…landed a job in 2002 managing a Family Dollar store, one of 5,100 in that discount chain. Top managers there ordered him not to let employees’ total hours exceed a certain amount each week, and one day, he said, his district manager told him to use a trick to cut payroll: delete some employee hours electronically.

“I told her, `I’m not going to get involved in this,’ ” Mr. Pooters recalled, saying that when he refused, the district manager erased the hours herself.


Victor Mitchell said that as an assistant manager in Hazlehurst, Miss., in 1997, he frequently shaved time.

“We were told we can’t have any overtime,” he said. “It’s what the other assistant managers were doing, and I went along with it.”

One manager who also “went along” eventually got guilty about it and refused to continue.

She was fired.

“A lot of this is that district managers might fire you as soon as look at you,” said William Rutzick, a lawyer who reached a $1.5 million settlement with Taco Bell last year after a jury found the chain’s managers guilty of erasing time and requiring off-the-clock work. “The store managers have a toehold in the lower middle class. They’re being paid $20,000, $30,000. They’re in management. They get medical. They have no job security at all, and they want to keep their toehold in the lower middle class, and they’ll often do whatever is necessary to do it.”

Another reason managers shave time, experts say, is that an increasing part of their compensation comes in bonuses based on minimizing costs or maximizing profits.

“The pressures are just unbelievable to control costs and improve productivity,” said George Milkovich, a longtime Cornell University professor of industrial relations and co-author of the leading textbook on compensation. “All this manipulation of payroll may be the unintended consequence of increasing the emphasis on bonuses.”

So managers are stealing money from employees who make $8/hr to make sure they get a bonus that may be more than that worker’s entire salary. And if a few kids have to go without food or a doctor when they’re sick, that’s less important than that the manager rake in his extra $15G’s every year. After all, they aren’t his kids. And he mustn’t “lose his toehold in the lower middle class.”

But it’s hard to blame the managers, after all. The multi-millionaire owners and CEO’s of these companies have them in a stanglehold. If you’re only getting $30K/yr and a third of it — or more — is contingent on its being stolen from other people a little at a time, you may very well feel you don’t have any choice unless you’re willing to join your employees in starving to death. America, you may have your high productivity but there’s a catch: You have to steal it.

In BushCo America, even morally contemptible and savagely unethical practices are apparently acceptable in the name of increased profits and personal enrichment. Elaine Chow’s Labor Dept has investigated not one of these cases. Wal-Mart can lock its janitors in at night and demand that their workers put in hours for NO pay at all without any fear whatsoever of govt reprisals — this is a Federal law, like the 40-hr work-week (also routinely ignored) and time-and-a-half, and part of the job of the Labor Dept is enforcing Federal labor laws. But enforcement, when it comes, comes from the legal system — the corporations are so far up the BA’s ass they can smell Elaine Chow’s toast burning. They are making it necessary to sue them just to get paid, and the Labor Dept, golly whiz, doesn’t know a thing about it. I bet they’re shocked, shocked to discover that such things happen.

The Days of the Robber Barons are back. Thanks, Elaine!

Don’t Mess with the Union Guys

Conservative blogger and big Bush backer Matt Margolis got into a scuffle with some union guys (the dumb fuck–steelworkers for chrissake, don’t he know any better than that?) during Bush’s foray into Boston and is just livid about it, the poor kid. So is Philosoraptor‘s Winston Smith:

Yes, of course I undestand it’s an isolated incident. Yes, I also understand that this is something that is more often associated with the right and the very far left than the liberal center. Blah, blah, blah. Frankly, I have no time for anyone who is inclined to make such arguments. We’re the God-damned good guys–or have we forgotten that? WE DO NOT DO THINGS LIKE THIS.

Wrong. The union guys do. That’s how they got their goddam unions–by fighting people who tried to and often did kill anyone who wanted to form a union. Or has Mr Smith forgotten his history? Margolis, by his own account, got into a shouting match with one of the union guys and all but dared him to go ahead and make something of it. Well, anybody from my neighborhood could have told him you don’t challenge union guys to a duel, especially nowadays. They’ve been hammered by 25 years of radcon hatred and abuse. They’ve watched their unions be attacked as Communist, unAmerican, or subsidiaries of the Mob; they’ve had their company pensions stolen by their employers with the help and encouragement of Bush I; they’ve watched conservatives like Bush II disembowel worker protections, advance management powers, and eviscerate labor laws; they’ve seen the Labor Dept turned over to corporate shills who never worked a day in their lives; and they’re painfully aware of how tenuous globalization and the Bush-engineered deficit make thier jobs. This is not the group some pissant, privileged college kid should be deliberately giving the finger to. These aren’t intellectual liberals who talk things over; they’re basically right-wing thugs, tough as nails and not prone to lengthy dialogue.

Not that I condone what they did. I wouldn’t condone a grizzly mauling a camper, either, but if that camper had walked up to that bear while it was minding its own business and poked a stick in its eye, well, it would be kind of hard to work up any real sense of righteous indignation against the bear. Faults on both sides, don’t ya know. Margolis, protected son of privilege as he no doubt is, has learned a valuable Nature lesson: Don’t treat wild tigers as if they’re house cats.

Margolis and his friends got off easy. A couple of punches were thrown that didn’t do much damage, Margolis got knocked to the ground, and somebody else’s glasses got broke. Not much as crowd-fights go. I’ve seen worse at the hot dog stand during a Sox game. So it’s doubly hard to get excited when I remember the very real, genuine violence we’ve been suffering from right-wing Neandethals for the past 20 years.

Gays have been murdered. Doctors who perform abortions have been assassinated. Environmental activists have been threatened, badly beaten, maimed, and murdered. Churches have been bombed. A govt building has been bombed, killing over 200 people. Family Clinics have been bombed, not because they perform abortions but because they dared to counsel pregnant women that abortion was one of their legitimate, legal options. Anti-war demonstrators have been beaten so badly they ended up in the hospital, and one was killed in Texas–shot by a man who overheard him criticize Bush in a bar. A community office devoted to promoting diversity was pipe-bombed only a month ago. Plots by right-wing paramilitary and white supremacist groups have been discovered that planned cyanide bombings, anthrax attacks, and botulin poisonings of left-wing targets. Right-wing radio personalities regularly incite their listeners to disrupt liberal and progressiver meetings, marches, and gatherings, and lefties now regularly receive threatening phone calls and emails like these:



If I see you or any of your comrades from Dem Underground I will kick the living shit out of you you filthy faggotcunt traitorDO NOT IDENTIFY YOURSELF AS LEFTIST OUT ON THE STREET YOU PIECE OF SHIT OR YOU WILL BE BEATEN UNCONSCIOUS YOU GODDAM ENEMY OF AMERICA!!!!!

I could go on. The depredations from the right are massive and on-going and extremely violent. So when a right-wing blogger gets punched in the nose and acts like that’s the worst civil rights violation he could ever imagine, I’m like, “Where have you been, you whiny, spoiled little brat? We get dragged behind trucks and clubbed and shot and run over and bombed and you don’t even notice but we’re supposed to turn the world upside down because some union goon scratched your face after you taunted him? You need a lesson or two in ‘Get Real’, kid.”

I’ll make a deal with you, Matt. You condemn right-wing murder and the hate-mail and disruption tactics of your fellow Freepers, and I’ll condemn the punch in your nose. It’s not a fair trade but I’m a generous guy.

Bernie Sanders Burns the Corporatocracy

Bernie Sanders has an idea about what American progressives need to say to get the attention of the people who haven’t been paying much attention lately. Listen up.

Corporate America essentially is saying the hell with the American worker, the hell with the United States of America. We will do anything we want in order to make more and more profits.And my friends, it is not only manufacturing jobs that are going abroad. If some of you say, “Well, I went to college, man, I know how to work that computer. I have a good job,” think twice. They’re after your jobs, as well. If there’s a computer or a telephone job, it could be done any place in the world at a fraction of the wages that are paid in America. And that’s where corporate America is moving.

We want the people in China, in India, all over the world, to do well, but we want a globalization that does not lead to a race to the bottom but uplifts all of the people of the world.

Now when we talk about what’s happening in the middle class today, hear this. A hundred years ago, workers all over this country held huge demonstrations, and they had big banners that said, “Give us a forty-hour week. We’re not animals. We’re not beasts of burden. We want to spend time with our families. We want to get more education. We want some vacation time.”

Now how many of you know that today the American worker is working longer hours by far than the people in any other industrialized country? Today, 40 percent of American workers are working fifty hours a week or more. That’s the collapse of the middle class, and we have got to turn that around.

The scandal of our time is that with all the explosion of technology and productivity the average American is not working fewer hours and making more money. We are not down to a thirty-hour week. The middle class is not expanding, and poverty has not been eliminated. On the contrary, it has increased.

Because of the greed of corporate America, real wages in the private sector are 8 percent less than they were thirty years ago. And where has all of that accumulated wealth gone? It has gone to the people on top, who have seen a huge increase in the percentage of wealth and income they receive.

Ain’t it the truth. Go read the rest. It’s inspiring–and he’s right. It’ll work.

Supermarket Strike in CA

Phaedrus at No Fear of Freedom has another great post up. This one’s about the CA supermarket strike and media responsibility for (suprise!) careless reporting.

When it began, ta give ya an example of management lies and how the media runs right home and reports them, lotta peebles was tellin’ me how silly the workers were to strike over over only $5 a week in increased insurance payments.

He pretty much demolishes that nonsense–

Workers are losing their homes, their cars, their health coverage. The markets have lost $2 billion in sales. Is there some semi-rational person somewhere who honestly believes that either side would put themselves through such misery over $5 per week per worker?

–and goes on to explain what the fairy tale was meant to cover:

We call this a two tier wage structure, and it benefits management in at least four ways. First, it reduces labor costs immediately. Second, it results in a permanent reduction in wages over time, since new hires will eventually be the only hires left. Third, it creates a situation where management gains if they can find a way to force out or fire the top tier workers. Fourth, and probably most importantly, it’s a union busting tactic. Say you’re a new hire. How you gonna feel ’bout the higher paid workers who sold you out? How you gonna feel about the union, which also sold you out? How you gonna feel about payin’ union dues? How you gonna feel about solidarity?

The supermarket chains are either 1) genuinely running scared from Wal-mart’s proven ability to use its odious and sometimes illegal employment policies to destroy its competition, or 2) using Wal-mart as an excuse to break the unions and add to their profits by lowering their weekly payroll–a favorite corporate scam when sales are flat. Either way, the workers are caught in the middle of a Corporate Greed War (remember, these chains were quite profitable before the strike) in the global Race-to-the-Bottom.

Paul Clark, a Penn State labor relations professor who edited a recent book on trends in collective bargaining, said the dispute could have nationwide repercussions.”If the union loses this and has to give back a significant portion of their health benefits,” Professor Clark said, “you’re really moving down the road to everybody beginning to be a Wal-Mart worker with low wages and low benefits.”

Which is, of course, precisely what management’s intractable offer was all about.

Go read the rest, especially if you’re under the impression that corporations “just don’t do that kind of thing any more.”

Honda Hero of the Week

MoJo Online has an unusual story that may resurrect your faith in humanity again after the shocks it’s taken this past year–hell, this past 20 years:

When John Andrew got laid off this summer he could take solace in having plenty of company: Since George W. Bush took office, nearly 4 million Americans have lost their jobs.But the same day that this client-services director for a Minnesota software firm got his pink slip, he also heard that the president’s economic team was coming to the Midwest on a “Jobs and Growth” tour — a three-day, six-city publicity blitz to talk up the benefits of the Bush tax cuts.

“It pissed me off,” says Andrew, who felt the administration had no business crowing about an economy that was shedding one job every 15 seconds. “I’m 41 years old; I got two kids,” he says, “and I decided this would be a good time for dad to stand up and protest.”

So Andrew decked out the family’s blue Honda Odyssey with protest placards and hit the highway on his own “Economic Reality” tour. He shadowed the bus carrying cabinet secretaries John Snow, Donald Evans, and Elaine Chao, to give his fellow Americans “the real facts — that this economy stinks, and Bush’s tax cuts are making it worse.”

He caught up with them in at a fast-food restaurant called “Culver’s” in northern Wisconsin, and when they wouldn’t listen to him:

While the secretaries boasted of collecting, “real-time economic information from real American people,” they apparently didn’t want to hear from Andrew, who was turned away at the door by security.Undeterred, Andrew drove his minivan repeatedly into the window-lined drive thru, hoping to catch their attention. “I probably went through 20 times,” says, whose van quickly filled to overflowing with the Diet Cokes he kept buying.

On his final pass, Andrew caught a glimpse of secretary Snow walking outside the restaurant. “I rolled down my window and yelled: ‘Hey John!’,” Andrew recalls, “which was probably kind of impertinent considering he’s the Secretary of the Treasury.”

Flanked by a secret service detail, Snow came up to the passenger-side window. Andrew explained to the secretary that he’d just been laid off. “I told him that I strongly disagreed with the economic policies that this administration was pursuing, and that I felt that it was ineffective, wrong headed, and doing nothing to help the majority of American workers.”

Snow, in turn, encouraged patience, reasoning that the first tax cut (now nearly two years old) hadn’t had time to take effect, and that the benefits of the second tax cut were following close behind. He then offered two parting words of advice: “Just wait.”

“I was stunned by the response,” says Andrew. “I’d like to see those words on a PR banner behind Snow at the podium: ‘Jobs and Growth: Just Wait.’ Maybe I should call Citibank, which holds my mortgage, and tell them ‘Just Wait — I can’t pay you this month.'”

“Stunned” is probably the right word, but, let’s face it, typical for this crew. Their only concern is for making sure they sound concerned, and they’re not even much good at that. “Just wait.”


Andrew has a website: Visit it. Congratulate him. And then email Kerry or Dean or Clark and suggest they put him to work on their campaigns. We need somebody like this speaking for us.