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Microsoft Blames Vista Problems on…Us

MS’ Vista OS was a dog from the word go, but according to them, it wasn’t, of course, their fault.

The main problem with Vista, Microsoft said, was that given the delays, uncertainty and significant changes in the software, the rest of the industry was not ready when Vista finally arrived. There are one billion worldwide users of the various versions of Windows. Hundred of thousands of hardware devices and software applications run on it, and they need connecting programs, called drivers, to work smoothly with it.

I have been forced to work with Vista for months now and have become, if possible, even more frustrated than I used to be when I had to work with MS’ last dog, Me. It freezes, collapses, unexpectedly closes for no reason whatever, doesn’t play well with other applications, including its own browser, Explorer 7, and is, in general, a royal nuisance. I can’t run my upgraded online email because Vista doesn’t know what to do with it and will try to load it for hours before giving up in confusion and despair, which it signals with an “Explorer Can’t Find This Site Even Though It Know It Exists and Has Been There Before. The Path is Too Complicated for Its Minute Brain and It Wishes to Recommend You Lump It” splash screen.

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