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You Don’t Think So?

Ted Rall

The Democrat Dilemma

Toles, as you probably guessed. (For once I beat Mark to a good one.)

You’re Not Fooling Anybody, You Know

Joel Pett, Miami Herald

Good Question, Isn’t It?

Jim Morin, The Miami Herald

A Merry Republican Xmas

That Jack Bauer. He’s a real man! (Via Avedon)

Afghanistan: Out of the Frying Pan and Into the Pot

David Horsey

No outside invader has ever “won” in Afghanistan. What makes Obama think we’re the exception to an ironclad historic rule?

Stoopid Is Gud!

Tom Tomorrow on Our Most Precious Resource (click to enlarge)

Confusing Your Geeks


The Democrat Leadership’s Logic Explained

Remember “At least Obama isn’t Bush and you should be grateful”? Danae does. (Click to enlarge)


The Obama Admin Announces Their New Motto

Joel Pett, USA Today

joel pett

Yeah, That’s What I Thought



Um…No Comment

Boeing picks a right-to-work state for its new factory. You know, cheap. But David Horsey foresees a few problems….


(Click picture to enlarge.)

“Potential News”: Tomorrow’s News Assumed Today

Fafnir Q&A on Iran:

Q: Is Iran a threat?
A: Oh yes. Even as we speak Iran is potentially starting the beginnings of a very possibly quite almost-real hypothetically nuclear weapons program!
Q: Oh no! How many nuclear weapons does Iran already have?
A: Counting warheads, ICBMs, mid- and long-range missiles, ABMs, tactical nukes, bunker-busters and submarine-based weaponry, the full nuclear arsenal of Iran at this moment is very rapidly just beginning to quite possibly approach a number just short of one!
Q: That makes them almost as deadly as the rogue nation of Whoville or the Islamic Republic of Candyland!
A: And they could be just months away from an actual bomb!
Q: But they’ve been just months away from a bomb for years now.
A: I know! Which means in terror years, Iran already has a bomb…

There Oughta Be a Law

OK so we can’t agree on which Democrat healthcare reform bill will best preserve insurance company profits, at least we can all agree that there oughta be a law that David Brooks not be allowed to masquerade as a psychologist, historian, economist, or – Dawg forbid – a philosopher. Can’t we? Please?

And no matter which h r b will best p i c p, any bill that passes ought to require that “crazy fatigue” is fully covered, even if 2/3 of the country needs treatment.


Seems to me that of all the contests to cheat on, the Miss America contest ought to be the one most cheat-free. I mean, if the contest organizers are going to pay for contestants’ boob jobs, where will it end? Is nothing real any more? This has to be a violation of the truth-in-advertising law, doesn’t it?


The black community ought to consider passing a law against Star Parker. She’s giving them all a black eye. So to speak.

Sharpton blocked Limbaugh like Governor Orval Faubus tried to block black children from entering Central High in Little Rock, Arkansas in 1957.

Can’t say it any better than TBogg.

Yes. Keeping Rush Limbaugh from joining a bunch of rich white men attempting to buy their way into a fairly exclusive club made up of other rich white men is just like calling out the National Guard to keep black children from going to school with white children.

Awesome analogy.

Will the Real President Obama Please Stand Up

Tom Tomorrow thinks that maybe it isn’t so much that there are two Obama’s as that maybe there’s more than one idea of Obama.