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The Troy Davis Conundrum (Updated)

Thomas Nephew at newsrack thinks there may be more hope in the Supreme Court’s language than I do, and he has a point. To repeat the charge to the district court, the Supreme Court ruling states that “[t]he District Court … Continue reading

Troy Davis May Get New Trial

After several weeks of dicking around, the Supreme Court has sent Troy Davis’ case back to Georgia.

Troy Davis Execution Date Set: BOYCOTT COCA COLA

As I noted elsewhere, the Bush/Reagan Supreme Court turned down Troy Davis’ appeal for a new trial and did so without comment, as if they didn’t need to explain why they’re allowing an execution to go forward in a case … Continue reading

Troy Davis Appeal Rejected by SCOTUS

It was never much of a chance, not with the robotic law-and-order types conservatives have been able to get assigned to the US Supreme Court filling up the seats, but it was a chance. If there was enough pressure, enough … Continue reading

Supreme Court Delays Decision on Troy Davis Appeal

The all-out efforts by activists from all over the country to win Troy Davis a new trial hit a stone wall in Georgia – which has done little it can be proud of throughout this episode – but may have … Continue reading

Troy Davis Clemency Denied

The one thing nearly everyone agrees on is that Troy Davis didn’t kill Savannah Police Officer Mark MacPhail. On Sept 23, ten days from now, Troy Davis will die by lethal injection for the murder of Mark MacPhail. If that doesn’t make … Continue reading

Federal Court Hears Arguments for New Davis Trial

After a long, drawn-out battle with a state that was dead set against even considering the possibility that it had made a mistake, Troy Davis and his supporters won a major victory when they convinced a Federal court to hear arguments over whether there … Continue reading

The Aftermath of the Davis Stay

The front page story – top dead center – of the Savannah Morning News wasn’t about Troy Davis’ stay of execution but about how disappointed Officer MacPhail’s family are that the execution has been put off. Tuesday’s last-minute stay of … Continue reading

Davis Execution Delayed

Five hours before Troy Davis was scheduled to die in the electric chair for a crime he almost certainly didn’t commit, the Supreme Court decided to consider whether or not to hear his plea for a new trial. A scant two hours … Continue reading

Parole Board Postpones Davis Case

The Georgia state parole board announced today that they’re putting off consideration of a clemency hearing for Troy Davis, convicted of killing a cop on eyewitness testimony that was questionable at best and coerced by angry police at worst. The postponement comes … Continue reading

Parole board grants Davis 90-day stay

The Georgia State Parole Board granted Troy Davis a 90-day stay of execution after a commutation hearing on evidence suggesting very strongly that he’s innocent. The state parole board on Tuesday temporarily halted the execution of convicted cop killer Troy … Continue reading

“They’s Jist Niggahs And Who’s Gonna Lissen to a Niggah?”

I don’t know if it’s because I haven’t been looking in the right places or because there’s so much more of it around or because Barack Obama’s election made people – especially reporters and editors – braver about reporting this … Continue reading

Georgia Will Kill Innocent Man Tomorrow

It seems that Georgia’s whole justice system is a travesty equal to if not surpassing the abortion of what’s laughingly called “justice” in Texas. Not content with throwing a 17-yr-old in jail for 10 years for having consensual sex with … Continue reading

Dumping Bush Is Only the First Step

I don’t usually write about local politics for one simple reason: I only have a couple of readers who live in Mass. The rest of you are scattered across the US–and indeed, the world; thanks largely to Tim Dunlop, I … Continue reading

O California, What Have You Done To Us? (IV)

Well well well. What appeared at first to be a remark Ahnud was probably going to have to walk away from has turned out to be the cornerstone of his economic plan for CA: White House and national Republican leaders … Continue reading