Stop the Myth: The Right Isn’t Logical

In the course of discussing Fox’s penchant for insisting that there’s a race war…against whites, naturally…Ellen Brodsky asks the kind of question I keep hearing from the left, a querulous confusion suffused by puzzlement.

Given Fox’s symbiosis with the Republican Party and given the GOP’s supposed desire to win back minority voters, it’s hard to understand what Fox thinks is to be gained from this outpouring of antipathy.

The unstated assumption is that both Fox and the Republican party aren’t really batshit crazy but are somehow actually responding to a perceived – however misperceived – sense of rational self-interest. The assumption, however, is unwarranted. They aren’t, either of them. Instead they are, and have been increasingly over the last three decades, responding not to any form of reason, however twisted, but to the dark, fevered emotions of the id, and a damaged id at that.

Psychologically, the profile of the right wing in America is the profile of a paranoid psychopath.

  • They say they are rational, reasonable people who are simply responding to reality, but what they do is irrational, against their own and everyone else’s interest, and they respond to a set of fantasies that have no connection whatever to any reality known or acknowledged by anyone other than themselves.
  • They are prone to hysteria, over-reacting to any disappointment, however minor, as if it was a harbinger of Armageddon and a personal assault.
  • They see enemies everywhere, even among their friends.
  • They see conspiracies everywhere, even when those conspiracies are impossible, even insane – evil fork-tongued aliens masquerading as liberals, Democratic concentration camps waiting for Republicans, and so on.

I understand the desire for an opposition that can be negotiated with, compromised with, and with whom solutions for our problems could be discussed.

But it is time for us to face the fact: we don’t have that. We have the Republicans, who are so far gone into crazyland that they can no more act responsibly than the scorpion in the fairy tale who, asked why he stung and killed the animal he was riding across the river, thus dooming himself as well, replied, “It’s in my nature.”

We have to stop expecting consistency or usefulness from the modern GOOPer. They are addicted to their illness and giving them even a little respect is like enabling an addict by giving him a little money. You can tell him it’s for food and he can insist that he’s headed for the nearest restaurant but that probably won’t be the way he spends it, and expecting him to act any other way is as unrealistic as expecting a scorpion not to sting.

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