Chickens, Roost – You Know the Drill

Apparently it’s finally dawning on Republicans that redistricting to win seats has its limitations. There comes a point when even your supporters have had enough destruction and death.

Their problems are threefold and intertwined. First, the GOP has become effectively agenda-less, advocating policies that lack popular support, and that they quite possibly couldn’t execute even if they controlled the government entirely.

Second, as Politico honchos Jim VandeHei and Mike Allen explain, “The party is hurting itself even more with the very voters they need to start winning back: Hispanics, blacks, gays, women and swing voters of all stripes.” That’s partially a consequence of theiragenda-less-ness, and partially a consequence of its members’ propensity to say things and advocate ideas that further alienate women and minorities.

Third, a combination of chance and poor decisions will turn the coming midterm into a referendum on issues custom tailored to energize Democratic demographics that tend to sit out midterms.

Actually there are four problems, not three. Number 4 is that it isn’t just that their policies “lack popular support”. It’s that their policies are batshit crazy and as destructive as a plague.

Want to see a public school system in its death throes? Look no further than Philadelphia. There, the school district is facing end times, with teachers, parents and students staring into the abyss created by a state intent on destroying public education.


The district was hit with a double whammy in 2011, when stimulus funds that it had idiotically been using for operating expenses dried up, and incoming Gov. Tom Corbett took office eager to prove his reactionary bona fides by enacting massive budget cuts to public education to the tune of $1 billion statewide, disproportionately hitting Philadelphia. The result was an absurd $629 million shortfall, which was filled by a mix of cuts and city tax hikes.

All across the country it’s the same thing: darkness and despair thanks to conservative policies that pander to the rich and tell everybody else to fuck off. Bridges are collapsing in Minnesota for lack of repair, the housing market has collapsed twice in the last decade due to fraudulent and illegal raids by rapacious banks, the health care system is a tragic joke for anybody not a millionaire, and our national parks are being logged, mined, and drilled out of existence. Our schools are under assault at every level, our libraries are being closed or privatized into a coma, our roads are falling apart, our cities are going bankrupt and our food has been unsafe for almost 20 years. Add it up:

  • You can’t afford to take care of your health unless you’re a millionaire.
  • You can’t afford to send your kids to college unless you’re a millionaire.
  • You can’t afford to buy uncontaminated food unless you’re a millionaire.
  • You can’t escape pollution unless you’re a millionaire.
  • And if you’re not a millionaire, you don’t count.

Am I wrong or is there a pattern emerging here?

And on top of all that, you’re told that if you don’t buy into the right-wing corporate agenda that’s killing you and your family, it’s your own fault if one of them murders you.

Mark Gietzen, chairman of the Kansas Coalition for Life, accused the South Wind Women’s Center of trying to provoke a gun violence incident by allowing volunteers to escort women into the clinic (a common practice among clinics frequently targeted for harassment by anti-choice activists).

Yes, Gietzen thinks that if a deranged antiabortion activist shoots someone at an abortion clinic, it would be the clinic’s fault.

He went on to say in an interview with the Huffington Post that if an angry family member who “doesn’t want that abortion to happen” goes to the clinic “carrying a gun” then “somebody is going to get a bullet in their head.”

And that would again be the clinic’s fault, according to Gietzen.

Gietzen also accused Julie Burkhart, the founder and owner of the clinic, of trying to provoke such a violent and potentially deadly incident simply by doing her job and providing women abortion care: “I think she’s trying to provoke an incident so she can say, ‘Look, these pro-lifers did something,’ and people from California and New York and these other places will give her money.”

Yes, of course. Obviously if you disagree with what some right-wing fanatic believes and you insist on saying so out loud, you leave him no choice but to kill you, and that would be on you.

The Pubs represent all the corporate, far-right plutocrats, and what those plutos want done is good for their wallets and portfolios but bad for everybody and everything else. They want to poison our food, our water, and our land rather than pay to clean up their mess. They want to close our schools and fire our teachers rather than help pay to educate or kids. They’d rather let bridges collapse and kill people than help pay to fix them. And they’d rather give their money to people who will kill you if you disagree with them than admit they might be wrong. About anything.

There’s nothing “shining on a hill” about any of this. It’s so negative it’s more like “darkening over a dumpster”. Our country is falling down around our ears, huge dank holes are opening at our feet, mudslides are sweeping our homes away, but Wall Street says “Everything’s fine” so the Pubs insist we’re imagining it all even as they send in more bulldozers to demolish whatever little is left.

Did they really think we’d never figure out what they were up to?

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