The Death of Human Transformation

One thing is certain, that the well-developed, well-integrated personality is the highest product of evolution, the fullest realization we know of in the universe. ~ Julian Huxley, “Transhumanism”

After six thousand years of Western civilization we are finally living in the time when that childish belief can be put to rest once and for all. For we, the humans – especially the American humans – of the 21st century have proved beyond all doubt that the highest product of human evolution – in fact the only product worth cultivation – is a well-developed, well-integrated sense of greed. We now understand that our highest evolutionary function, indeed our only important function as a species, is the making of money.

And for 99% of us, it is not even the making of money for ourselves. We are here to make others, a tiny sliver of exceptional humans, wealthier than any fabulous Arabian potentate of myth ever dreamed of being. This is, indeed, a marvelous time to be alive, a time when we can sacrifice our lives to the greater glory of superior beings larger than our puny selves, beings whose ability to…appropriate wealth by whatever means has shown them to be worthy of our renunciation of our own welfare in order to ensure their increasing riches.

It is clear that we recognize this reality for no other people in the history of the world have so voluntarily surrendered their own earned wealth to the bulging coffers of the elite. In any other society the…appropriation of what is rightfully ours would have caused disruptions, unrest, even revolution. But not here. In America we have acknowledged the superiority of the 1% and we allow them to take whatever they want not only without a murmur of protest but with gratitude, and all this because they promise that if we do, we will all, all 99% of us, become members of the 1%.



OK, so the arithmetic doesn’t make any sense. As our 1% bankers explained repeatedly during the mortgage crisis, this isn’t about mathematics. It’s about optimism, it’s about progress, and, ultimately, it’s about Faith. They, the Masters of the Universe, are like Gods. So, do we believe in our Gods or don’t we? Do we have Faith in them or don’t we? If we refuse to have faith in their superiority, they have said they will destroy the Earth in their anger, just like the old Gods used to promise to do. Clearly it is best to have faith and we recognize that.

Besides, isn’t it a relief to have the responsibility of growing up taken away and put into the more able hands of the economic elite? We have become a small small people with small lives, small expectations, and even smaller hopes, and isn’t that the way it should be? The idea that humans could be more than living threshing machines, that we could aspire to our “fullest realization” has always been nothing more than a dream, an illusion that kept us pining for a condition we could never obtain. From Socrates to FDR, dangerous liberals have been fostering the concept of a humanity that could mature, could grow into a grace and intellectual attainment that would create true equality and even happiness right here on earth.

But that never was, could never be, more than a sickening illusion that has held us back from the days of the Greeks from realizing our real value as cogs in the great machine built and exploited by the 1% of us who are destined to rule. Now that we have stopped this enormous waste of energy in its tracks, we can end human evolution right here, freed at long last from the absurd effort to transform ourselves into something better or greater. That gig has already been taken by the 1% of the elite, and we are content that it should be so.

So let us raise our glasses (or our paper cups since many of us don’t have any actual glasses left) to this Brave New World.

It’s all we got.

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4 responses to “The Death of Human Transformation

  1. Good to see a post from you again. There are, I think, some signs of hope.
    Here in the Twin Cities, my main client, a Thai restaurant, lost it’s top cook to a drunk driver last summer. I think what happened next is instructive.

    People got mad. The dead cook, a war refugee from Laos whose father served in the Royal Lao Army, was a very good cook and in recent months had catered meals to Bono and U2, and Sade. The restaurant has a wall full of critic’s awards, and his cooking drove that success.

    Then it was discovered, a full week later, that the Mercedes SUV that had struck him, dragging him forty feet up the off-ramp where his car had run out of gas (pulled well off the ramp onto the shoulder) was owned by a former Vikings player and current owner of four sports bars.

    The family attorney hardballed and the community erupted. Each time a story ran in the St. Paul Pioneer Press, the comments were filled with jeering and class warfare. The Minneapolis Star Tribune refused to allow comments on any of the stories (the husband is also a sports broadcaster), and several local media types circle the wagons around the “beleaguered” Senser family).

    Then my client, a very petite Thai woman, wrote an op-ed for the Strib ripping on local media for only telling the hit-and-run driver’s side of the story. The Strib didn’t respond to her submission so she ran it on her blog and it was picked up by City Pages and the Pioneer Press, shaming the Strib into running an edited version that got enormous traffic.

    That set the tone for everything that followed. The county attorney accelerated the case. It’s due to come up for trial in a week, but may be pushed back due to a new vehicular manslaugher charge now that they’ve established that she was talking on her cell phone at the exact instant of the crash. The pro-Senser trolls have all but vanished after getting pummelled every time they make a comment, and two of Senser’s four sports bars have closed (due to the “economy”).

    The defense attorney (who would be at home with George Zimmerman as a client) keeps filing absurd motions to block mention of the woman’s alcohol dependency issues (proving she was drunk will be tough since she didn’t come forward for a week), as well as one to prevent the prosecutor from grilling the kids scheduled to testify for Mom about their home life.

    But it’s the anger of the community towards a rich woman who killed a refugee that’s gotten my attention. People are looking for chances to get even, and tolerance for letting the rich walk seems to have vanished here in the heartland. Sadly, you’re still in Georgia (or have you fled the land of cotton for someplace with fewer guns and higher standards?).

    • True, there are occasional eruptions of discontent built around specific instances of this or that so-called “abuse” of their position by a member of the elite but these are minor and involve a tiny percentage of “bad apples” (cf. the Occupy Wall Street “movement”). The rest of us are and remain “on board” with the elite’s program, which is as it should be and always from henceforth onward will be, now and forever more.

      Yes, I’m still in Georgia where I am learning to have a reverence for the aristocracy that is so much a part of the culture here. My eyes have been opened.
      Are you writing again? I confess I haven’t checked your – or any – blog in many months. I have been much too busy atoning for my previous mistake in cleaving to outmoded (ie, humanist) values as opposed to the much more appropriate corporate values I now espouse.

  2. Sorry, didn’t make it clear that it was the former Viking’s wife who was driving, although there was a great deal of speculation at the time that it was actually a daughter.

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