Obama to Use Haiti to Rehabilitate George W (Updated)

As if poor Haiti didn’t have enough trouble, President Obama plans to send George W Bush, the man who took the disaster of  Katrina and made it into a top-notch tragedy of epic proportions just to destroy a bastion of GOP political opponents, to Haiti to help straighten things out.

President Obama is asking his two immediate predecessors – George W. Bush and Bill Clinton – to come together to lead the nation’s humanitarian and relief efforts to Haiti in the wake of the earthquake that has ravaged the Caribbean island.

The partnership is expected to be announced by the White House in the coming days, after officials have a better handle on the full scope of the devastation. Mr. Obama called Mr. Bush on Wednesday, aides to both men said, and Mr. Bush agreed to do whatever he could to help.

OK, so Clinton will be there, too. The Dynamic Duo? I don’t think so. Clinton knows govt and could help lobby for aid and clear away red tape. All Bush knos how to do in a disaster is stand in front of it and promise money he has no intention of delivering. So “whatever he can do to help” means photo-ops and empty promises?

This is a PR nightmare. Whatever possessed him? Is he trying to be nice? But wouldn’t it be nicer for the Haitians is he kept Bush out of it? Doesn’t Obama like Haiti? He must hate Haiti if he’s willing to sacrifice it to help rehabilitate the image of a criminal and criminally incompetent president who has dodged every species of accountability for the near-destruction of the country he was supposed to lead and the Constitution he was supposed to protect.

A formal rollout of the Clinton/Bush 43-led relief effort will take place as early as tomorrow afternoon, but possibly not until the weekend, as the administration doesn’t want to take any attention away in the next 24 hours from search and rescue efforts. For Bush 43, this is his first real public effort since he left office; it’s an opportunity to begin establishing his post-presidential legacy, especially on an issue like disaster relief, which remains a scar on his presidency. Meanwhile, Clinton has written a Washington Post op-ed and Time magazine essay on Haiti.

This is worse than a PR nightmare. It’s a slap in the face to Haiti and to us. Let’s face it. Clinton, who dealt with a series of crises in Haiti during his presidency and will be a great help, is going to have to spend half his time explaining to Georgie where Haiti is and the other half fending off Bush’s attempts to privatize the relief effort and hand it over to his rich friends so they can make a profit on it.


This is insulting to all of us, and one has to question why he’s doing it. “bipartisanship” doesn’t go this far.

UPDATE: (01.16.10) Though I would still be in favor of keeping Bush as far away from the Haiti relief effort as I would be of keeping a child molester away from a grade school, I have to admit that President Obama appears to have assigned Georgie-Porgie the only conceivable job he actually knows how to do.

Raising money.

Gotta admit, he’s a master at that. Course, assigning him to fundraising is sort of like assigning the class dolt to clean the erasers after class; Clinton will no doubt have to do all the heavy lifting. I’ve decided  I prefer to think of this as a well-covered insult, or at least a left-handed one.

Nevertheless, the idea that this might be used to rehabilitate and eventually dull the awfulness of Bush’s “legacy” sticks in my craw. I wish Obama hadn’t done it. But then, I wish Obama would allow investigations and accountability for the Bush/Cheney Admin and that’s certainly not going to happen, especially not now that we know Obama is on the same page.

2 responses to “Obama to Use Haiti to Rehabilitate George W (Updated)

  1. Take a look at DISASTER CAPITALISM and you will learn what is going on in Haiti as in the Honduras after Mitch, New Orleans after Katrina, Sri Lanka after the tsunami, etc etc, and now Haiti. This philosophy of economics is Talmudic and exactly what wall street and big business is all about. It is the guidebook and Bible created by an American Jew called Friedman, a traitor to humanity, definitely a high profile but hidden neocon.

    The Shock Doctrine: The Rise of Disaster Capitalism by Naomi Klein.

    Disaster Capitalism Headed to Haiti

    Actually, since they are now announcing huge oil reserves in Haiti, (more than Venezuela they say), there is a reason why the US takes such great interest in a people they have wanted to decimate for a few years now.

    And ask why is Israel there? A country who waits until a catastrophe rivets the eyes of the world, knowing that this way they can flood their neighbors by emptying a few dams without any future warning. Meanwhile they are purportedly in Haiti for humanitarian purposes as children go missing.

    These vulture cultures are there for what they can take not what they can help. Oh, and toss my own homeland into those three as well…sigh. These two are happier creating problems as they aim for the long term bottom dollar.

    And to all who think Bush failed, they look at him through the wrong eyes. He succeeded very well at what he was charged to do by the powers that be. Despicable creatures he and his friends, but he was just obeying ~ a valuable tool in the destruction of America programme. The current ruler is worse.

    Haiti has been enslaved and starved by disaster capitalism but it is far from over. They could easily turn into the West’s version of Palestine.

    • Yes, I know. But a couple of things.

      1) Milton Friedman is hardly a “hidden” neocon. He’s one of the acknowledged fathers of movement conservatism as well as the Chicago School of economic theory that led directly to the current economic disaster. Trickle-down and Darwinian economics are both his inventions. He has a lot to answer for but he is isn’t by any stretch an unknown. Among others, I’ve written quite a lot about him, none of it complimentary.

      2) His vulturism has nothing to do with his being Jewish and everything to do with his conservative ideology. You’re flirting with anti-Semitism but you’ve got the wrong enemy. The real enemy are the conservatives who run both America and Israel. Conservatism and vulturism are synonyms. If you’re going to hate, at least hate the right people.

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