Daily Archives: October 12, 2009

Fire! Fire!

Michael Berube on how our political culture would handle a rash of fires. (Via)

President Obama, speaking in Ohio, said he would “continue to reach across the aisle for oil-soaked rags.”

I don’t think Bush Fangirl and NYT stenographer Liz Bumiller ever wrote a story about how Bush’s “Civilian Goals Were Largely Unmet in Afghanistan “. Possibly because no one was aware Bush had any civilian goals in Afghanistan.

Roy Edroso on the reaction to Obama’s Nobel.

NEW VOICE UP COLUMN, in which I attend the follow-through on the story of Obama’s disastrous Nobel Prize victory. Apparently the new angle is that the Committee contrived by means of the award to get Obama to abandon Afghanistan, hand the U.S. over to global-warming internationalists, and Lord knows what else. Thus, if henceforth Obama does anything the Right doesn’t like, it will be in appeasement of our Oslo overlords. Soon the Scandinavians will replace France, Russia, etc. as right-wing hate-objects, and Jonah Goldberg will be writing about lutefisk-eating surrender nudists.

Oh yes, please.