Daily Archives: February 10, 2009

StimPack Passes Senate with 3 Pub Votes It Didn’t Need

Can it be any plainer? After all the noise, all the Beltway hoopla, all the insistence that the bill had to be, just had to be, weakened to get GOP votes for passage, it passed. Without them. The only three Republican votes the Senate version got were those belonging to the three “centrists” who were involved in brokering the compromise.

The Senate approved its bill most along party lines, by a vote of 61 to 37, with three Republicans joining 56 Democrats and two independents in favor.

This is why we gave up transportation money? Jobs? Food stamp increases? Extended unemployment protection? For the votes of three people who wouldn’t have changed the outcome? Three people?!

No no,b’s & g’s. We didn’t give all that up for GOP votes. That’s patently obvious. We didn’t need them. 

We gave it up for conservative Democrat votes.


We surrendered the health and safety of the nation in a dozen different ways IN ORDER TO ENTICE CONSERVATIVE DEMOCRATS TO VOTE FOR THE BILL.

A bad bill, mind you. A bill that had most of the provisions that would have made a difference ripped out of it to make numbnuts right-winger Dems like John Barrow happy.

Can it be any plainer? Dump the Damn Dems!