Xtian-Fundy Biker Gang Charged with Attempted Murder

One of the things that has always puzzled me about Xtian fundamentalists is the ease with which they interpret an anti-violence message (“Turn the other cheek”?) and transmute it into a call for violence. I sort of came the conclusion that it’s because Xtian fundies spend a lot more time with the pro-violence OT than they do with the anti-violent NT. Jesus isn’t as much fun as beating people up.

Seven members of a Christian biker gang remained in custody on $1 million bail late Wednesday after their arrest on charges of attempted murder in connection with a bloody barroom brawl in Newport Beach late last month. Three members of a rival gang were also arrested.


Overall in the case, 10 have been arrested, with police hunting for an 11th suspect, authorities said. Of these 10, seven are Set Free Soldiers arrested for alleged conspiracy to commit murder; each of the seven was being held on $1 million bail.

One of them is Pastor Phil Aguilar, 60, of Anaheim, police said. He is described as the founder and director of Set Free Churches Worldwide, according to the group’s Web site.

Another who was arrested – John Phillip Lloyd, 41, of Costa Mesa, a Hells Angels member – was being held on a charge of assault with a deadly weapon, Sailor said. Two others, believed to be Hells Angels, were arrested for alleged drug possession.

The stabbings, which officials believe involved members of the the two motorcycle gangs, occurred the afternoon of Sunday, July 27, at Blackie’s By the Sea, near the Newport Beach pier, Sailor said.

Pastor Phil’s church is, well, different.

A neighbor to one of the Archer houses with Set Free Soldiers said that the group has been a nuisance.

“The neighborhood has been trying to get them out of here for years,” said Sharon Murphy, 50. “It’s supposed to be a sober-living place, but they’re always at the liquor store buying beer. They’re running their motorcycles all night long. They own three or four houses up and down the street.”

The collection plate must be full every Sunday.

I’m not saying that fundies are bad because a biker gang is fundamentalist. I;m saying fundamentalism is bad because it leaves room for people like this and often welcomes them while it rejects perfectly peace-loving gays and tolerates so much hypocrisy among its members that it’s become a joke.

Orange County is a very conservative, very far-right Xtian area. The kind of area where Pat Robertson would be considered middle-of-the-road, maybe even a Lefty. It’d no surprise at all that a violent, likkered-up gang would be welcome there as long as they were white, not obviously gay, voted Republican, and went to a sufficiently fundy church. In this case, the leader of the gang is – like Charlie Manson – also the leader of the church. A definite plus.

5 responses to “Xtian-Fundy Biker Gang Charged with Attempted Murder

  1. One of Jesus’ best friends was a guy named Peter who tried to kill a guy with his knife. What was Jesus doing hanging around a guy like this?
    When the Roman soldiers came to arrest Jesus the bible says they didn’t recognize Jesus because Jesus dressed and looked like the people he was reaching out to.
    Jesus was falsely accused because many people hated him and said all kinds of mean things about him. The bible says “beware when all men speak well of you”. They told all kinds of lies about Him and the people of that time completely misunderstood Him.
    None of us are perfect but then again Christ came for people who aren’t perfect. There was another guy named King David who was one of God’s greatest leaders. The bible called King David “a man after God’s own heart”. Yet David put a contract out on a guy’s life and had him killed. And the whole reason David did that was because David slept with the guy’s wife and didn’t want the guy to find out.
    I understand those of you who have never read the bible but still hate Christianity. I also understand all the haters of Jesus because I was the same way. I use to bash Jesus and say He wasn’t real so I hear you. Just know Jesus loves you as much as He loves me so don’t worry He will be there for you if you ever change your mind.
    Jeff Seymour

  2. King David is OT so we’ll skip that one and concentrate on Peter. Peter was trying to save Christ’s life, to protect him, and he still reprimanded Peter for the use of force. If the argument you’re making is to have any connection with my criticism, you would have to be saying that Christ would have told Peter to go ahead and kill the guy.

    I don’t think that’s what you’re saying, so let me just try to clarify my point. It isn’t that “sinners” should be shunned. It’s about the acceptance of doctrines diametrically opposed to those of the NT, like vengeance, by people who claim to be Christian. Vengeance is not a Christian value.

    It does, however, seem perfectly acceptable to OT Xtians and fundamentalists who appear to be quite comfortable ignoring Christ’s central message. I don’t “hate Christianity”. On the contrary, I have enormous respect for its main tenets. But I have no respect for Xtian fundamentalists who cling to OT values like vengeance and claim them to be Christian, and I have little respect for Xtians who support people who preach this even if they don’t practice it themselves (the hugely popular Left Behind series, for instance).

    Christ would have been urging the bikers to turn from their violence, not leading them in it like Aguilar or cheering from the sidelines like Aguilar’s OC supporters. If you don’t see the distinction between those two attitudes, I have to wonder just what kind of a Christian you are.

  3. I don’t know how close you are to Phil but I know him very well (for over a decade) and he is not the type of guy who says lets go beat someone up. He would never condone someone attacking someone else.
    Phil did not lead anyone nor cheer from the side but you can believe what you want. What I do know is that we all fall short sometimes but I would never kick someone when they are down. Let him who has no sin cast the first stone.
    I am praying for you.
    Pastor Jeff Seymour

  4. If that’s all true, then the police have made a bitch of a mistake. Maybe because he was in the middle of the “bloody brawl” that’s how they got the impression he was part of it. Maybe he was trying to stop them?

    It isn’t a question of belief. That’s a religious thing. This is a newpaper report of a police report, and such things tend to be factually earthbound but mistakes can be made. I’m open to evidence – not emotional supposition, but evidence – that Aguilar is being railroaded. Got any?

  5. Hey Mick,
    good point. Let’s wait to see what happens.

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