“What Are You, 4 Years Old?”

For Kyle, Duncan, Markos, Alegre,  and the other so-called “progressives” who’ve been taken in by the Kabuki.

4 responses to ““What Are You, 4 Years Old?”

  1. I think this link works better for the “War Room” item about the DKos boycott by pro-Clinton bloggers like Alegre.

    BTW, I rather respect Alegre in other contexts — she’s behind a “Not in my name” group blog against torture that I’ve contributed to before. That doesn’t make her a saint or a genius; just saying.

    But even in this case I can’t say that she’s being melodramatic — things can get pretty ugly at DKos from time to time, and even the thickest skin can get worn down. I suppose from the outside it can seem like what Kissinger allegedly said about academic spats — something like “they get so ugly because so little is at stake.”

    Maybe one cost of the last many years is the growing inability to argue with actual friends because we’re out of practice at really arguing/discussing/negotiating things with anyone.

    Sounds like Obama kool-aid talking, I guess — except I know the conservatoids aren’t interested. By contrast, I should hope Obama, Clinton, and neither-of-the-above lefties would be amongst ourselves, though. To that extent, I think Alegre is making a mistake.

  2. Oh brother… Let’s all read and contemplate Mick’s QUOTE FOR THE WEEK.

  3. mary jo kopechne

    Either you are for the State (progressive; fascist; nazi) or for the individual (anarchy; federalism; republicanism). It really breaks down that simply.

    Eugenics is a good test. What is better for the State as opposed to what is “better” for the individual? ‘Nuff said.

  4. Thomas: Thanx for the corrected link.

    I’m not a devotee of dKos or the diarists there. While I respect a few of them, the dKos “community” has always struck me as a closed cell not much interested in what outsiders think. That may not be fair but it’s what I felt when trying to read them, so I quit. And this goes back. I signed up for a diary the day after he moved to the present site from his old one, and gave it up within a month. Didn’t care for the large amounts of bitching and sniping – too much like a BBS and I was through with those.

    So I’m not familiar with Alegre and you may be right. The post was just a snark anyway. It struck me right after I’d read about the imbroglio with Markos (never liked him) and I thought Dan’s toon particularly appropriate to the discussion about the Democratic Kabuki and the internal stabbing contest.

    Laura: Not sure I believe it any more. The witches’ grip is so complete I no longer think it will dissolve so much as have to be ripped off the throat of the democracy by force.

    mary jo: Not sure what your point is but if you think Republicans – the corporate GOP – are for the individual, you’ve already lost your credibility. Besides which, somebody needs to explain to you that in a democracy, “The State” is a collection of individuals who have banded together by choice in order to remain free. “The State” is only a fascist enemy when it’s separate from the will of the people. You know, like the Bush Administration.

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