At Michael Tedesco’s invitation, I’ve been blogging at Comments From Left Field the last week or so, off and on, and will be temporarily abandoning Witness to take his place for a week or so in October while he goes windsurfing on Lake Titicaca.

The last couple of days I’ve been embroiled in a discussion of Democratic culpability for the mess we’re in with Kyle Moore, and I think between us, and with the help of commenters like matttbastard, we’ve put some perspective on the problem and begun to evolve the core of the debate that needs to happen. You can read Kyle’s post here and my response here.

I hope you’ll join us. In the meantime, a jab in the ribs from Ted Rall to keep the blood flowing.


3 responses to “Call-and-Response

  1. Ted Rall?! Why, whatever will the moderates think?


    (Listen, you can her the flapping wings of Malkin’s monkeys off in the distance…)

  2. The moderates will think what they always think, that I’m too immoderate.

    I have no fear of Malkin’s Monkeys, for I am the Invisible Man.

  3. I’m surprised they haven’t tried to shut down that immoderate outpost of feverish anti-Americanism, Eurasianet. I mean, it IS part of teh Soros empire!

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