Finally: 9/11 in Real Perspective

There are a lot of 9/11 retrospectives and remembrances kicking around, as there always are, but few of them are as brutally honest and as trenchantly powerful as Kyle Moore’s at Comments from Left Field.

I remember what it felt like to be an American at that moment. I remember the swelling pride and unity. I had always been critical of America, but at that moment, like an epiphany, I felt an almost spiritual bond with those other people who stood proudly and called themselves Americans.

Yeah, they knocked down our towers, but they couldn’t knock us down. If there was any way to better honor the memories of the men and women whose lives were ripped from them, it was by remaining, solidly, staunchly, and unapologetically American.

Six years later, that pain has been turned to anger.


I’ve just spent the past two hours crying my fucking eyes out. My head is pounding, and my chest feels tight, my eyes burn, and emotionally I just feel completely and totally drained. Just writing this piece alone I’ve been watching old footage of planes smashing into buildings, listening to 911 calls, and reading reports since last night.

In truth, it feels like I’ve just spent my most recent waking hours trying to rip the soul from my body.

Six years later, and we as a nation are still wounded by the attacks orchestrated by Osama bin Laden on September 11th, 2001. Families have been ripped apart, and the very fabric that holds us together seems at a permanent breaking point. In the aftermath, it would turn out that Bush did not fulfill his promise.

I wasn’t going to make this political, but I see now that that’s impossible. Impossible because as I explore my feelings of that terrible day six years ago, there is pain, there is patriotism, but there is also anger and shame and betrayal and disappointment.

It’s not vogue among those not counted as extremists to bring up politics on this day, not in regards to 911.

Fuck it.

We aren’t healing as a nation, instead we’re picking at the wound. We’re living like abuse survivors, refusing to heal, attracted to echoes of what did the damage in the first place, and seeking to inflict grievances upon others with little sense of empathy. So here we are, just like every September 11th since, paralyzed, frozen, and broken as a country.

Read the rest. It will be painful, but what he’s saying needs to be said, needs to be heard, needs to be felt. It’s the truth we’re all ducking, the elephant in the den we’re all ignoring. 9/11 didn’t change everything, Bush’s blind, cowboy-movie response to it did, and our country has gone from being the world’s hope to the world’s scourge in a mere 6 years.

You’ll never read a better summation of what that has done to us inside. We’re paying a terrible price for our leaders’ gullibility and greed.

One response to “Finally: 9/11 in Real Perspective

  1. I don’t dare speak about 9/11 from a political standpoint. I’d be disengenuous. I have my opinions, but I’d like to believe that on the sixth anniversary when the world turned cold on a mid Setpemeber day, we can remember other aspects of the day and what’s happened since.

    9/11/01 S

    A I entered the fourth hour of being glued to my TV, I was desperate to find something redeeming rise from the ashes of the WTC, the Pentagon and in that field in rural Pennsylvannia.

    I believe I saw the Phoenix…for a little while, anyway. I wanted to see it. I guess I “needed” to see it.

    Emotional salve for my emotional wounds.

    It should come as no surprise to anyone that the scar healed rough.

    I wrote about it in my blog , too.

    I’ll never forget the significance of Septemeber 11th.

    Then again, I can’t even see “November 22nd” without thinking of a young, idealistic president, his lovely First Lady, an easier, more innocent time and the cold, windy day in Dallas that seemed to stop time, progress and life as we knew it.


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