A Word About Larry Craig – But Not From Me

What Digby would call “the Kabuki” at the heart of the Larry Craig Show doesn’t interest me much. These days, what’s one more Republican hypocrite more or less? There are so many. Practically all of them if you count the ones what ain’t been outed yet.

Anyway, what difference if Larry stay or if he go?

If he stay, we got a hypocritical wingnut whining about mythical “family values” he wouldn’t personally recognize if they were standing in a 1000-watt Kleig singing “Send me a kiss by wire/Baby, my heart’s on fire” in perfect 4-part harmony over a PA system turned up to 11.

If he go, Idaho’s wingnut Pub Gov will just appoint a different hypocritical wingnut who will whine about mythical “familiy values” etc.

That’s what the Pubs do, folks. Every Pub does nothing but whine – about “family values” they then violate every hour on the hour like clockwork, about the lazy poor (in between sessions of passionate groveling at the feet of the nearest corporate oligarch), about the illegal immigrants who do a lousy job mowing his lawn and cleaning her house, about the imagined threat of fundamentalist religious crackpots with the unmitigated gall to not belong to the religion favored by his preferred fundamentalist religious crackpots, and about how war brings out The Tough Guy in a country, especially if you, yourself, personally don’t have to fight it, and how the only way to be really safe is to fight a war against EVERYBODY.

The faces change but the whine remains the same, so who cares?

Still, if I was going to say something about Larry – which I’m not – I couldn’t say it better than this.

Honestly though, what is this guy guilty of? An embarrassing misdemeanor and worst of all, getting caught. Until last week, the RNC was perfectly fine with the Craig and let him run amok in a giddy lame way for decades…but when he was exposed he had to go and go quickly for the good of the senatorial party, to satiate the GOP’s book-worshippers and to reinforce the myth & majesty of sexual repression.

Evidently, the closet is a very very necessary and sacred thing over in those sacred precincts surrounding the great temple of US Conservatism. Remember the closet protects the “privacy” of the closetee at the cost of their fundamental dignity, but it also reinforces certain vital myths & fabrications of interested parties outside the closet.

So they got rid of Senator Craig…by threatening a Senate Ethics Investigation that would have undoubtedly exposed many details of his deeply closeted life to the public and being presumably repressed, Craig took the hint and resigned.

Score one for the power of the closet, even in the twenty-first century.

Elias strikes again. It would be perfidy to embellish.

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