Links ‘n Stuff

So much good stuff today that I don’t have time to talk about that I couldn’t resist a little aggregating-type behavior.

*Mark Gisleson, just back from YKos, has a brilliant essay on the response to the Minneapolis bridge collapse.

This is about more than a bridge. This is about taking responsibility and returning to government for and by grown ups, not petulant children with bumpersticker platforms who throw hissy fits when the adults in the room try to get essential bills passed. Minnesotans don’t need to be reminded of Marty Seifert’s obstreperous obstructionism last session, and the Pioneer Press is engaging in hyperpartisanship with an editorial that seeks to ignore the obvious: three consecutive Republican governors [yes, fiscally Jesse was a Republican who worked with the Republicans] have neglected our infrastructure, finding money for new roads to outer suburbia but not for bridge repairs.

This will, after a brief mournful period, get pretty ugly. Already the bottom feeders are seizing upon every criticism of Republican policy as though this were putting politics before solutions. Hey, politics were placed before the solutions — where do these people expect to find the answers?

Go read the rest.

* The NYT is finally going to remove the TIMES-SELECT paywall they never should have erected in the first place.

* Carol Lay on anti-female language choices. (Watch the commercial; it only lasts 5 secs)

* eRobin on the now-proven security flaws in virtually all eVoting machines and the rancid behavior of the Dems over FISA.

* A discussion of same – along with possible impeachment – at newsrack blog, and some excellent links to basic information about the bill and responses to it from people who know.

* Scott Horton on the surprising (maybe) literary source of the govt’s Pat Tillman con game, plus a really surprising statement from Newt on how the GWOT that he helped to create is a fraud.

Go for it.

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