MSNBC Anchor Rebels Against Celebrity Journalism

Mika Brzezinski, Zbigniew Brzezinski’s daughter and a news anchor on MSNBC’s morning news show, Morning Joe with Joe Scarborough, has had enough. With the Iraq war in freefall, the president under attack from his own party, more revelations about illegal wiretapping programs surfacing, and talk of Gonzo being impeached, her producer, Andy Jones, handed her what he considered the top news story.

On Paris Hilton.

She was furious. First she refused to do it but she didn’t think that was sufficient and on second thought asked her co-anchor for his lighter and tried to set the pages on fire. The lighter didn’t work and her co-anchor grabbed it back. She put the story to one side and, according to Jim Hightower, the producer put it back on top of the pile. When she picked it up again and saw what it was, she got up, stalked to a shredder on the set behind her, and sent it through.

Her co-anchors patronized her, including a shameful performance by Scarborough, who insisted on running the clip Mika was trying to dump of Hilton, um, walking. When the camera came back to her, she had her head in her hands, disgusted, at one point saying frostily, “I’m going to do the news now.”

I’ve been waiting for somebody to do this and had all but given up hope. For several years, rumors have been circulating that a lot of media news figures are privately sick to death of having to do so goddamn much celebrity journalism and have been bitching about it. These complaints have not, of course, been reported because of the “gentleman’s agreement” operating between media reporters and their targets. I have been hoping someone would rebel. I never thought it would be on camera.

So what happens now? Will they fire her? I can’t wait to see how this plays out.

MIKA BRZEZINSKIHero of the Week, Maybe of the Decade, in TV News At Least

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