Daily Archives: July 18, 2007

The Filibuster: Too Little, Too Late, Too Short (Updated)

The Senate filibuster ended a little while ago as expected – the Pubs voted against voting and the Reid-Levin Amendment was tabled. No surprise there. I listened to the debate from about 11p to 4a and the only surprising thing I heard from a Pub was Olympia Snowe’s quiet, controlled, practical explanation of what the Amendment says and why her Republican colleagues should support it. The rest of the Pub speakers stuck to attacks on what they called a “political stunt” and endlessly repeated the same Karl Rove TP’s that have become so stale over the past few months.

Although I’m glad the Dems finally made these GOP obstructionists actually stand up and make their silly defenses of Bush’s disastrous neocon-inspired occupation – and many of their arguments were so silly they bordered on the absurd – I can’t avoid the feeling that the whole thing reeks of the usual Democratic political ineptitude: too little too late, and rotten timing.

First, this should have been done months ago when the Republican strategy of inflexible obstructionism became clear to everyone who was paying attention. The country wanted change and the Pubs were blocking it. Reid should have forced them to filibuster no later than January to make it obvious to everyone what the Pubs were up to. Instead, he let them get away with threatening a filibuster, which no one down here on the ground was paying any attention to whatsoever. We don’t even notice threats to filibuster. We’ve been unaware of them for 6 months.

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