Bob Shrum, of the Firm “Gall and Wormwood”

DLC Mastermind and GOP camp-follower Bob Shrum actually had the balls to go on last night’s Daily Show and refer to himself as a progressive. And not just a progressive, but a leader of the progressive movement over 25 years.

It would appear that the Republicans aren’t the only ones living in BizarroLand.

Ready for a third party now?

2 responses to “Bob Shrum, of the Firm “Gall and Wormwood”

  1. You don’t demonstrate much familiarity with Shrum or his history. He’s actually very much in the Ted Kennedy camp — generally on Al From and the DLC’s enemies list. You can fault him for the job he does, but honestly, the guy has always pushed things that the DLC sees as antiquated — raising the minimum wage, labor, etc — or politically impractical — gay rights, etc.

    DLC, he’s not.

  2. You’re right. If Bob Shrum is on Al From’s hitlist, this is the first I’ve heard of it. All through the 90’s I saw their names linked, like Frick & Frack, and usually associated with some dipshit initiative stolen from Trent Lott or somebody. But I could have fallen for hype or shitty reporting, like anybody else. I’ll look into his history more closely, and if I owe him an apology he’ll get it. Fair enough?

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