Bush’s “Position-Change” on Global Warming a Sham

Recent statements in which Bush seemed to have reversed his barricaded stand against acknowledging global warming and crossed to the other side got some people excited and made others suspicious. Those statements ignited a certain amount of legacy talk – as in, “Bush is finally concerned that his legacy as a president ought to include something other than the Iraq debacle” – and had people wondering if it he had finally come to his senses.

Now we know. He hasn’t.

As thousands of protesters clashed with police nearby, President Bush and leaders of other industrial nations traded markedly opposing views here Wednesday on how to combat global warming.

Despite the refusal of the United States, China and some developing countries to agree to calls for mandatory cuts in greenhouse gas emissions, Bush expressed optimism that the summit of the Group of Eight countries would result in agreement for a common strategy.

And what might that “common strategy” be, so you suppose? Ta-da:

German Chancellor Angela Merkel, host of the gathering at this Baltic Sea resort, has said she wants action on global warming to be the centerpiece of the meeting. She has pushed for specific numerical targets for lowering gas emissions by 50 percent by 2050 and holding temperature rises to 3.6 degrees Fahrenheit.

As an alternative, Bush has offered to convene a series of meetings among the world’s 15 top greenhouse gas-emitting nations with the goal of reaching consensus on nonbinding goals for reducing the pollution. Scientists say the gases are the prime cause of the current warming trend.

Asked by reporters whether he could relent and sign on to Merkel’s goals, Bush said: “No. I talked about what I’m for. Remember? I said I’m for sitting together with the nations to sit down and discuss a way forward.”

(emphasis added)

That’s precisely the same bullshit “strategy” Bush has been selling from the beginning. Now he wants to shove it onto the rest of the world.

“Non-binding” means unregulated, voluntary compliance corporations can safely ignore without fear of govt interference or consequences of any kind. And that is what he has been pushing since he came into office 6 years ago. In BushAmerica we don’t tell corporations what to do even if what they’re doing threatens death to the entire planet. It might, you know, hurt their third-quarter profits

Nothing has changed, folks, and those of you who thought it had? Come on. What were you thinking?

The Bush Strategy on global warming is the same as the Bush Strategy on Everything Else: pretend you’re doing something sensible as a cover for doing something totally insane, in this case, protecting corporations from being forced to live up to their responsibilities to the world and its people. Underneath the illusion of a changed position lurks the same position he’s always had. IOW, he’s a pig wearing lipstick. AGAIN.

Karl Rove is counting once more on the headlines being remembered while the details aren’t even known. The WaPo is doing its job here – for once – by reporting what Junior’s “pro-global warming” stance really amounts to, but it’s probably too late. The damage has already been done and millions of voters think he’s actually changed his mind.

In a lazy US with a woefully uninformed public focused on the latest Idol, a follow-up on yesterday’s headlines carries about as much weight in our short-term memory as last week’s PopTart.

The Good News is that those same voters are so pissed off about Iraq and Republican hypocrisy/corruption that his make-believe position-change isn’t going to help his abysmal numbers – or his hapless, self-destructing party – one whit.

The Bad News is that the Democrats seem to be doing everything in their power to take the war off his back and lash it to their own. By handing him a blank war-check, they have effectively angered all the people who voted them into office to stop the war, thus inviting the blame for its continuance on themselves. In no time at all, if nothing changes, this is going to be perceived (Hillary’s debate statements to the contrary) not as Bush’s War for starting it but as the Democrats’ War because they wouldn’t stop it.

That’s a helluva Christmas gift, and it’s only June.

The Good News, though, is that the Pub candidates are falling all over themselves to be the loudest backers of all the worst aspects of the Emperor’s reign: the war, Gitmo, torture, theocracy, corporate knee-bending, and so on. Plus they’re adding even flakier and more idiotic ideas of their own (Tancredo allowed as how he’d use nuclear bombs to take out Iranian centrifuges).

So even as the Dems are doing their damnedest to give the Pubs a break, the GOP is just as anxious to certify its own implosion.

WE NEED A THIRD PARTY and we need it from the left to push both right-wing parties, the modcon Dems and radcon Pubs, back to the center where We the People are. Because it’s clear they ain’t gonna do it on their own no matter how many times or how loudly or how many of us tell them to.

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