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“There Are Things We Know That We Know We Don’t Know….”

This is hilarious. David Sirota caught ExxonMobil CEO Rex Tillerson in a classic moment of explaining corporate thinking to his investors.

And you wonder why the corporatocracy is in such a mess….

The Immigration Bill

Lalo Alcaraz


Dump the Democrats

The Mahablog‘s Barbara O’Brien doesn’t much like the “serious ignorance” she sees in the progressive community’s response to Democratic behaviour over the Iraq funding bill. She thinks we’re all jerking our knees rather than thinking things through.

The Feingold and McGovern amendments both provided that a troop redeployment out of Iraq begin within a set number of days after the passage of the bill. These were tougher than the timetable bill, in other words. In the Senate, 29 out of 51 Democratic senators voted yes. In the House, 169 out of 233 Democrats voted yes. A glorious total of two Republicans in the entire Congress voted yes.

Yet some twit commenting on Think Progress wrote We can’t even get Democrats to vote for timetables. Unfortunately, I think this notion is common among a large lump of people who passionately hate the war but aren’t paying close attention to what’s actually happening in Washington to end it.


I agree there’s plenty of reason to criticize the Dems, but it worries me when large numbers of “progressives” develop knee-jerk antipathy toward the Dems. This is not helpful.

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In answer to the “knee-jerk” charge, I left a comment trying to point out that it was hardly an automatic response but a response to a week when Democrats hid behind the Bushes for fear the right-wing might say nasty things about them.

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A Dream Job

From the Minneapolis/St Paul City Pages via Norwegianity:

The Secret Service has begun training agents to fill 103 full-time slots to be part of George W. Bush’s retirement detail.

Sign me up-a.