The GOP Is Weak? Really? You Wouldn’t Kid Me, Would Ya?

Found in today’s NYT: “Some Hitherto Staunch G.O.P. Voters Souring on Iraq“:

While a majority of Republican voters continue to support Mr. Bush and the Iraq war, including the recent increase in American troops deployed, there are concerns that the war is undermining the party’s political position.

Would some one please explain to the Times that that train done left the station, like, a year ago?

Republicans are now officially OUT. Of favor, of time, of patience. The country (see, “election, Nov ’06”) has had it. We’re fed up to the teeth with the whole clinically-insane lot of them. With their wars and their stupidity and their greed and their theivery, with their nutbag theories and their bragging and their lies and their lack of connection to any kind of actual, observable reality – all of it.

Maybe we ought to re-name it the New York Times-Warp.

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