Pub Campaign Dirty Tricks in Md, Gonzo Shrugs

You know, Gonzo just don’t seem to give a damn any more and he’s no longer even pretending he does.

The Baltimore Sun reports that Republicans Gov Bobby Erlich and Lt Gov Mike Steele passed out campaign brochures in minority-heavy areas on election day last November that identified them as Democrats.

The full-color brochures, which were sponsored by the campaigns of Gov. Robert L. Ehrlich Jr. and Lt. Gov. Michael S. Steele – Cardin’s opponent in the November election – listed the Republican candidates for governor and U.S. Senate as the top choices on a “Democratic sample ballot.”

The fliers were distributed outside polling places in predominantly African-American precincts in Baltimore and Prince George’s County.

They also appeared to suggest that Ehrlich and Steele had been endorsed by former Rep. Kweisi Mfume and Prince George’s County Executive Jack B. Johnson. Mfume and Johnson, both black Democrats, were in fact supporting Cardin.

When the Democratic challenger asked AG Alberto “I don’t know, I just work here” Gonzales to investigate the incident, Gonzo didn’t see there was much he could do.

Gonzales said federal law did not provide tools for “going after campaign tactics or rhetoric by candidates.”

Excuse me? The man who fired 9 US Attorneys because they weren’t going after voter fraud – a problem which doesn’t exist – with sufficient zeal can’t think of a law that might be relevant here? Misrepresentation? Fraud? Discrimination? Do none of these apply?

Not if you’re Gonzo and the targets are Republicans. If Democrats had been lacing well-to-do suburbs with brochures wherein they identified themselves as Republican candidates endorsed by Jerry Falwell and Grover Norquist, you can bet your ass Gonzo would all over it like one of those cheap suits he wears. The Maryland USA would lose his/her job behind it if s/he didn’t have them behind bars by sundown.

Gonzo’s unsurprising lack of interest in Republican dirty tricks aimed at minority communities and his equally right-on-cue inability to remember inconvenient laws is par for the course – “Everybody does it,” “There’s nothing I can do,” “It’s in the past, get over it”, etc etc etc. We all know the drill, we’ve all heard the excuses.

What is mildly surprising is that now that he’s survived truly pathetic appearances “testifying” before Congress that he can’t remember anything about anything, don’t ask him, doing exactly what King George wanted him to do and stonewalling the committees with his Reagan/Alzheimer Routine, he’s no longer even maintaining the fiction that a Bush US Attorney General is anything but a political operative whose job is to selectively apply the law only against Democrats. We used to get the “That’s outrageous! I’ll look into it immediately!” Routine, after which he would disappear into his office and go back to sleep.

No more. All pretense is gone. He’s out in the open, exposed for what he is, and the president loves his ass anyway. There’s no point in hiding his real role any more. Everybody knows what it is and nobody can do anything about it, that’s his new attitude. Bush brushed off calls from Pub Senators to fire him, and he’s going to go right on brushing them off because a) he doesn’t give a damn about the law, and b) he doesn’t give a damn about the GOP.

Who’d a thunk it? The worst and most powerful enemy the Republicans have is the guy at the head of the Republican party. Talk about “destroying the system from within”. We thought we were kidding when we said that.

I guess the Pubs didn’t get the joke, but then, they never do.

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