Daily Archives: May 14, 2007

The Bush Library 4: Looking to the Next War

Southern Methodist University (SMU) just took another step closer to becoming the home of the new George W Bush Library and Neoconservative Theme Park when University Park, the aptly-named suburb that contains SMU, voted overwhelmingly to sell a public park – Potomac Park – to the university for the complex.

The prospect of the George W. Bush Presidential Library’s being built on the campus of Southern Methodist University received a lift over the weekend when voters in this Dallas suburb passed a proposition that paves the way for the city to sell a piece of parkland to the university.

The ballot proposal — passed on a vote of 1,782 to 420 on Saturday — will allow this city of some 23,000 residents to sell Potomac Park, an undeveloped strip that could prove important to plans for the presidential library. The pioneering Caruth family donated the eight-tenths-of-an-acre parcel in the 1950s to University Park, five miles north of downtown Dallas.

“S.M.U. and University Park have grown and flourished together, and this outcome represents our shared dedication to enhancing the quality of both town and gown,” the university’s president, R. Gerald Turner, said on the city’s Web site.

R Gerald, who is a Bush Booster and unlikely ever to admit it no matter how obvious it becomes, couldn’t be more wrong. One day in the not-nearly-distant-enough future, R Gerald is going to become infamous as the man who single-handedly ruined SMU’s reputation as great university by turning it into a Bush Shrine where only the appropriately worshipful are allowed admittance, a neocon propaganda unit where history will be re-written to absolve and anoint W, and a training ground for would-be theocrats.

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