Tenet and Feith at Georgetown

Georgetown University ought to be ashamed of itself.

I realize that it has often played “employer of last resort” for moribund political figures who’ve outlived their usefulness – or relevance. And I suppose that’s a good thing, in a way. It keeps them off the streets and out of trouble. And I can understand hiring Tenet. Whatever his failings and lack of courage under Bush, he still has a helluva resume and a long and mostly honorable if not terribly distinguished record of public service.

For Doug Feith, however, there is no excuse. NONE. Tenet apparently feels the same way.

On Douglas Feith’s first day as a visiting professor at Georgetown last year, he dropped in on another new professor down the hall. George Tenet, the former director of central intelligence, was friendly and welcoming, Feith recalled. Feith, who as the No. 3 at the Pentagon had served in the Bush administration with Tenet, suggested they get together for lunch.

Not long afterward, Tenet moved his office, four floors down. He told friends he wanted to be as far away as possible from Feith.

Can’t hardly blame him. T’was me, my class’d be marchin’ on the Mall with signs demanding Feith be fired. Why would a university with Georgetown’s reputation want to sully it by hiring and handing legitimacy to a dweeb ideologue like Doug Feith? Wasn’t it Tommy Franks who called Feith the stupidest fucking guy he’d ever met, or words to that effect?

He is, too. He knows NOTHING. Nothing that’s true, anyway. His recent stint in front of a Congressional committee was embarrassing, his excuses are lame, his ignorance of the DoD abysmal, his understanding of history at roughly a 4th grade level, and he’s a liar. Why would Georgetown want to expose their students to such an obvious and wide-ranging moron? What’s next? Monica Goodling as a Constitutional Law professor? You know, there’s such a thing as carrying a cozy relationship with the PTB too far.

Doug Feith is a clueless nimrod and blind believer whose version of events has always proven to be, shall we say, questionable at best and outright fabrication at worst. He deliberately set up C-TEG and the OSP to work the intelligence backward, breaking every rule of policy-making and good sense by deciding what he wanted it to prove and then sending out Wurmser and Maloof to find corroboration. And yet he sold himself to Georgetown as a “policy expert”. The stupid SOB is even writing a book.

Feith said his memoir will portray an administration filled with intelligent people who expressed contrasting views about Iraq and al-Qaeda. Of Tenet, he said: “There was no animus between us. His experience came from inside the intelligence world, mine from the policy world. But obviously, we are writing books that are of a very different species.”

The policy world? Would that world be Middle-earth perchance?

Doug Feith was nothing but a BushBaby: an ignorant, arrogant ideologue who knew nothing about govt, nothing about history, nothing about intelligence gathering or analysis, nothing about foreign policy, nothing about the military, and nothing about the Middle East but who was put into a position of being able to affect all those things because – wait for it – he was a neocon hanger-on, a good little Republican hack, and a Gingrich-worshipper. He kissed Newt’s ring and Newt introduced him to Dick Cheney, who hired him because he knew Dougie would take orders even when they didn’t make any sense because he was too stupid to realize they didn’t make any sense.

Is that all Georgetown requires of its professors these Bushian days? They don’t have to actually know anything as long as they know “the right people”? They can be proven liars, demonstrably wrong about everything they believe, catastrophic failures at the only jobs they’ve ever held but if they have Li’l Dick’s number in their rolodex, Georgetown will inflict them on innocent students?

It’s bad enough that neocon crackpots like Billy Kristol and Chuckie Krauthammer can be media stars even though they haven’t been right about a single thing in 20 years, that’s entertainment. But for a university, a supposed bastion of higher learning, to voluntarily include a right-wing fruitcake with a track record as abysmal Feith’s in its faculty is a utter disgrace.

It looks like SMU isn’t going to be the only one to burn its rep for Bush.

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