Wingnut Response to VATech Shootings

It was inevitable, I suppose. Expect a lot more of this for a few days.

That said, how much of this killers rage was indoctrinated at the very campus on which he took out his rage. When professors teach students to hate everything around them they are learning evil.


Just to clarify the killer was in the English program and liberal professors are known for teaching hate.


2 responses to “Wingnut Response to VATech Shootings

  1. It seems that now bombs and guns have become a wave! Some hardliners, parties and countries started and developed this war strategy- The exact opposite point of cold war!- I think while it happens several times, no matter where and why, it sends a MEME ( unit of infotmation) to all over the word that individual actions against anything that hurts! is probable.

    It has become a wave! in countries that guns are easy to access, this might show itself in the way that just happened in VA and was horrible. In countries that bombs are accessible, it appears just like what is happening in Iraq.

    As a guy living in a country that it’s hateful government is one of the primary pushers of this wave , It scares me to say that such actions start to grow right after the thought and supporting theories are born and it is now spreading!

    To know where I am living and what are the conditions provided by the Gov. read some notes of my blog…

  2. It’s much worse than a meme, Shahab. It’s a negative emotion masquerading as an idea. But you’re sure right about it getting passed around by govts – mine, yours – with ulterior motives and not much thought about the consequences. It’s a wave alright, and if you think about where it could end up, it’s terrifying.

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