Daily Archives: March 25, 2007

George Will Explains It All for You

If you’re angry at the Republicans or President Bush, says George Will, it isn’t because of Constitution-shredding or torture-justifying or runaway corruption or illegal war-starting or 24/7 lying or election-stealing or Plame-outing or theocracy-enabling or corporate-toadying or for letting wounded troops coming back from Iraq and Afghanistan fester in rat-holes of filth and roaches without treatment or hope of treatment, and mired in a sea of conservative-inspired red tape. No, he explains carefully, it isn’t any of that causing your rage. You’re pissed off because it’s trendy to be pissed off.

[T]here is a new style in anger — fury as a fashion accessory, indignation as evidence of good character.


No wonder Americans are infatuated with anger: It is democratic. Anyone can express it, and it is one of the seven deadly sins, which means it is a universal susceptibility. So in this age that is proud of having achieved “the repeal of reticence,” anger exhibitionism is pandemic.

And it’s all the fault of us lib-rad moonbats. Continue reading