Daily Archives: March 6, 2007

Bush Privacy Board Clears Bush

Well, boys and girls, if you were concerned about the Constitutional violations of the PATRIOT Act wherein the Bush Administration wiretapped millions of Americans, instituted surveillance on thousands more, and intercepted the financial transactions of who knows how many, you can relax. It’s all good. So sayeth the five-members of the White House Privacy and Civil Liberties Board.

A White House privacy board is giving its stamp of approval to two of the Bush administration’s controversial surveillance programs – electronic eavesdropping and financial tracking – and says they do not violate citizens’ civil liberties.

Of course, those slimy Democrats aren’t satisfied.

Democrats newly in charge of Congress quickly criticized the findings, which they said were questionable given some of the board members’ close ties with the Bush administration.

“Their current findings and any additional conclusions they reach will be taken with a grain of salt until they become fully independent,” said Rep. Bennie Thompson, D-Miss., who chairs the House Homeland Security Committee.

Tsk-tsk. Such suspicion. What have they got to be so suspicious about? I’m sure someone as deeply concerned about protecting the privacy of Americans as Bush claims to be would never load the Board up with political hacks and family friends who would give anything he did a pass no matter how offensive or even illegal it might be, right? Continue reading