Daily Archives: February 22, 2007

Brits Take Powder

Tony “The Poodle” Blair is pulling British troops out of Iraq and Stephan Hadley is having the dickens of a time spinning it as “good news”.

President Bush’s top foreign policy aide proclaimed it “basically a good-news story.”


What national security adviser Stephen J. Hadley meant was that the British believe they have made enough progress in southern Iraq to turn over more of their sector to Iraqi forces.

Got that? It has NOTHING TO DO with the British Govt wanting to be long gone when Bush attacks Iran.


I hope we’re all clear about that now.

(Oh, yes – Denmark is leaving, too but THAT’S JUST A CO-INCIDENCE.)


This is the top of the Globe business news this morning:

As of today, that’s the OFFICIAL Cheez Doodle of the


I’m so proud I could just bust.

Obama, Racism, and Ignorance

Kai at Zuky (link via Jon Swift, and thanks, Jon, for the recommendation) takes a look at the race talk surrounding Barack Obama’s candidacy and doesn’t much like what he sees.

White folks often complain that race is a rhetorical minefield which makes them nervous about saying the wrong thing. But for people of color, race is an actual minefield rife with physical dangers and obstacles and conflicts. As Chris Rock has said, “I ain’t afraid of Al Qaeda; I’m afraid of Al Crackuh.” Which is a cute line, but also deadly serious, because as the newspapers continue to remind us, racist hate crimes happen. This isn’t hypothetical or abstract; for instance, I myself had my life threatened a couple years ago by an NYPD officer who assured me that he might “shoot a fuckin’ chink and trust me, I can get away with it”. Ain’t that America. Excuse me if such experiences leave a foul feeling.

All of which is quite true, but his prescription for repairing the dichotomy is about three steps down the road.

If white folks are genuinely interested in discussing racism without worrying about saying anything that could be construed as racist, I have simple advice: Become an anti-racist. Study the issue, listen and learn, join the struggle to end racism and white supremacy. If you do that, I’m pretty sure that you’ll lose the nervousness about race talk.

I wish it were that simple. Continue reading