For NeoCondi, Diplomacy Is “Hard Work”

Why do the Bushies spend so much time telling us how hard they work? How many times have you heard Junior say something like this:

“This takes hard work. It takes patience, it takes perseverance, it takes getting up after a bad day and trying to make a better day. And that’s what I am going to do…”

Is she under the impression that the rest of us don’t do that? That we sort of laze around saying, “Oh I don’t feel like getting up” or “I’m going to make today worse than yesterday”?

Why do they want us to feel sorry for them?

“Oh, poor me! Pity me! I’m Secretary of State, and that’s Hard Work. I have to talk to people I don’t like – when I can’t avoid it, which I can most of the time – and that’s painful. I have to fly all around the world on AF1 being waited on hand-and-foot by my staff, stay at the best hotels in the world being waited on hand-and-foot by my staff, eat at the best restaurants in the world while being waited on hand-and-foot by their staffs, and then get up at possibly as early as 10am for a noon meeting. I tell you, it’s rough. I barely get in a round of golf a day, there’s no time to visit my hairdresser more than once a week, and I hardly ever get to go to more than 30 or 40 parties a month.”

I don’t remember Adlai Stevenson or Warren Christopher whining about how much hard work they were putting in. And they actually did things. What has NeoCondi accomplished, exactly? Name one thing.

“Um…she put the Coalition of the Willing together?”

No, that was Powell.

“Oh. Well, uh, North Korea backed down from their nuclear program. That was a success.”

Yeah, the only one in 6 years for the Bushies, and they didn’t even do it. It was mainly China and Japan. The Bush Administration’s sole contribution was to stop blocking progress. And she wasn’t even there. Anything else?


A singularly inept SecState without one success she can point to wants us to know how much hard work she puts in. Right.

I’m going back to sleep to get ready for making today a worse day than yesterday. That’s Hard Work, you know. Wake me if she does something. It’s such a rare occurrence I wouldn’t want to miss it. Like seeing the Northern Lights in Alabama.

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