Sparling Spitting

I haven’t written about this for the same reason I don’t write about a lot of things: everybody else is. Digby‘s been all over this, for one (here and here and here and here, and most recently, here, among other posts). I’m not going to write about it now, either, but I did want to point you to an eyewitness account that confirms much of what Digby has been observing/guessing and makes it even harder – almost impossible, in fact – to believe Sparling’s story is true.

Writing at Norwegianity, guest poster MNObserver’s daughter was present at the march and provides “I was there” information about the physical set-up. MNO concludes:

So we have a suspicious claim of spitting – told in increasingly inconsistent stories as time goes on – from a man who feels it’s just fine to hang those who oppose his viewpoints in effigy as traitors given all manner of credence. And our “liberal media” continues to do it, day in and day out.

(Post corrected due to unexplainable stupidity of author who apparently no longer knows how to read.)

6 responses to “Sparling Spitting

  1. WHOA — dude, I have NO children. MnO is a guest poster and no, we have never had relations!

  2. Hey, man, Mr. MNO would be very upset at the notion, too!

    Offspring #1 is the one who gave the account. She’s in college near DC.

  3. Fixed. Mea culpa. That’ll teach me to make assumptions. (No it won’t either.)

  4. the parentheses aren’t necessary — once you correct something it’s like it never even happened. Delete these comments and don’t look back!

  5. Nope. Can’t do it. Warts ‘n all. That’s the only way I know how to be. Once it’s here, it’s here. I can’t re-write history to make myself look better. Molly wouldn’t like it, for one thing.

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