Bill Moyers’ Speech at the NCMR: The Media’s Plantation Mentality

Moyers, in a stunning speech at the National Conference for Media Reform in Memphis, rips our corporate media a new asshole in the process of explaining exactly how they’ve helped to to destroy American democracy. It’s a long speech – about an hour – but worth your time as CSI: Miami never has been and never will be, and since there isn’t much chance you’ll ever see it on tv, we present it here. Watch it now before they take it down.

“What we see from the couch is overwhelmingly a view from the top.”

(Via Blue Mass Group)

BTW, Moyers took the occasion to announce that he is a) working on a documentary about the media in the months leading up to the invasion called Buying the War, and b) he’s coming back with a new series of Bill Moyers’ Journal as of April. Good news indeed.

Part 1

Part 2

Question: How much responsibility do we bear for the sorry state of affairs Moyers describes?

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