Daily Archives: December 26, 2006

Don’t Relax – Open Your Eyes

Jim Rutenberg reports in the NY Times today that Democrats and “war critics” don’t see much real change in Bush’s attitude despite the results of the election and his conciliatory words afterward.

Immediately after the beating his party took in November, President Bush indicated that he had received the message that voters wanted change, and that he would serve some up fast. He ousted his defense secretary, announced a full-scale review of his war plan and contritely agreed with critics that progress in Iraq was not happening “well enough, fast enough.”But in the last two weeks, the critics and even some allies say, they have seen a reversal. Mr. Bush has shrugged off suggestions by the bipartisan Iraq Study Group that he enlist the help of Iran and Syria in the effort to stabilize Iraq. Countering suggestions that he begin thinking of bringing troops home, he has engaged in deliberations over whether to send more. And he has adjusted the voters’ message away from Iraq, saying on Wednesday, “I thought the election said they want to see more bipartisan cooperation.”


“I’ve seen very few tea leaves in the mix that would give you any sense of hope or confidence that he is getting it so far,” said Senator Edward M. Kennedy of Massachusetts, who supports the study group’s advice that the administration seek help from Iran and Syria in Iraq. “The bottom line is this president can’t afford not to change course. The time is up.”

Senator Jack Reed of Rhode Island, a former Army ranger who is a member of the Armed Services Committee, said, “I don’t think he’s given up the sort of sloganizing and the simplistic view of what’s happening there.”

Evidently these Dems – and and many others besides, no doubt – believe that Junior is going back to his old position.

Bullshit. He isn’t “reversing” himself; he never versed.

It constantly amazes me that no matter how often Bush lies to them, most people listen to what he says and seem to think, “This time he’s telling the truth” and when it turns out he wasn’t, they’re surprised. Continue reading