Slowly, Slowly, the Truth Dawns

We’ve been saying for some time that there are two strands to Junior’s quivering bow. The first is his belief that govt exists only to help corporations increase their profits, the other is his fundamentalist Xtian belief that govt should be a theocracy, accountable to and run by his personal version of the Xtian god.

This is a Christ a lot of us wouldn’t recognize. This is the other Christ. You know, the one who, instead of throwing the money-lenders out of the temple, blessed their work and extorted 10% of their take for himself (it’s called ‘tithing’); the one who told the blind and the lame to quit faking and get back to work; the one who said feeding the hungry just encouraged them to stay on their fat asses instead of signing on to be thrifty slaves as the Good Lord intended; the one who said that when someone smote you on one cheek, you should turn to your trusty .45 and blow them away; the one who said making friends with your enemy was appeasement and appallingly French, and that a much more appropriate response was to rain down fire on them in shock and awe. You know, that Christ.

We have insisted that a key ingredient of the Bushian worldview is his belief that he was meant to be president in order to bring about the Apocolypse, and that the whole Rovian sales pitch actually centers on identifying Junior as The World’s Savior, the Only Man, the Country Itself–‘L’etat, c’est me, buddy.’ We said that this explained his listlessness toward environmental issues (“What’s the use worrying about it? The Lord’s going to abandon the place anyway.’), his hostility toward the separation of church and state, and his open contempt for non-believers (on several occasions he has barely been able to restrain himself from calling them ‘infidels’).

We were attacked for saying these things, both by ardent Bushian followers and by thoughtful but unimaginative liberals who–as liberals too often do, god bless em–insisted on giving him the benefit of the doubt and took us to task for ‘going too far’ and ‘losing our perspective’. But the events of the past 4 years have tended to confirm what we said, and now some people are beginning to catch on.

Look. This much has become clear. Bush is, more than anything else, an extreme fundamentalist Christian. He is widely regarded as the most openly pious and sanctimonious president in modern American history. He actually preaches the GOP screed in evangelical churches across America. He panders so slavishly to the anti-choicers and the Bible-thumpers and the homophobes it makes Jerry Falwell swoon and giggle.

And Bush actually says, out loud, that God speaks through him, and that God is on our side we bomb the living crap out of Afghanistan and Iraq and that it is the Almighty’s wish that we take control of these angry pip-squeak nations and in so doing kill thousands of civilians and tens of thousands of young Iraqi soldiers, as over 1,000 American soldiers are now dead over a makeshift cause that never really existed. God wanted it this way, that’s why.

Bush has called Jesus his “favorite philosopher.” He has claimed that the act of being “born-again” saved him from a long, sad life of vaguely homoerotic frat parties and repetitive binge drinking and going AWOL from the National Guard, all so he could turn his full attention to righteously ruining multiple businesses and then making Texas the most murderous and polluted state in the union.

But, you know, why stop there?

[A]bove all, God is nothing if not all about putting a quick and fiery stop to all this Earthly nonsense ASAP. He is nothing if not all about the coming apocalypse. And He is nothing if not all about saving those who believe, as Bush does, that he is among the chosen to be saved.This is the fundamentalist truth. And this is the BushCo maxim. The End Times provide the ultimate meaning, the final straw, the only thing worth caring about, because it defines the BushCo worldview like nothing else except maybe embarrassing grammar and crushing deficits and a secret craving for gin. You can see it in his sad, vacant eyes: Bush is absolutely convinced that God is a Republican.

That’s what we’re facing. That’s why they will steal the election if they have to; that’s why every demonization of dissenters or opposition is justified; that’s why raping the world’s resources as quickly as possible for the profits is acceptable–they need a nice stash of cash for the easy life when they get to Heaven, not to mention that they might as well make themselves as comfortable as they can here for whatever time is left before The Trumpets Call.

This isn’t a joke, though it sounds like one. It isn’t overkill and it isn’t hyperbole. It’s the ultimate destination of their actual beliefs, and it’s the only element that fully explains their insane foreign policy. Believers in the other Christ, the Bizzarro Christ, are running the country in his name, getting ready for the End Times. If you want to know what Bush’s second term agenda is, read the Book of the Apocolypse. It’s all in there.

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