Brownshirts Arise! Your Time Has Come Again!

I’m not being flippant about these incidents. Call it Black Humor. Bitter Black.

Episode 1: Xtian Counselor Counsels Punching, But Only Kerry Supporters

Courtesy of andante at Collective Sigh comes this charming little story from Colorado. It seems that a group called ‘Veterans for Kerry’ was marching in the Windsor, CO Harvest Festival Parade when a member of the fundie Xtian group Colorado FamilyLife Marriage Conference started swinging. Here’s how it went down.

According to police, Laughlin was handing out pamphlets for his group while making loud insults about Kerry to the crowd gathered to watch the parade.

After about a mile, the veterans group asked Laughlin to go back to his own group, but he refused and instead stood in front of the Kerry group, refusing to move, according to a Chris Humphries, an Army veteran and Kerry campaign employee.

That’s when a fight erupted and Laughlin grabbed a veteran by his shirt and started swinging, according to Gary Fedel, a Lakewood, Colo. member of Veterans for Kerry. Humphries said Laughlin then turned around punched her in the mouth.

Police arrested Laughlin on charges of misdemeanor assault.

FamilyLife is an organization that holds conferences to bring married couples closer together.

Apparently, being a veteran and daring to support anyone but W is now a punchable offense, especially if you’re a veteran, a Kerry supporter, and a woman.

I put that one first because I knew you wouldn’t have the stomach for it after you watch what comes next.

Episode 2: Latest from the ‘Hitler Lives!’ Film Festival

A group of Young Republicans, those clean-cut, always courteous YP’s, was having a meeting in NYC. A group of protestors from the group Act Out decided to try to disrupt the meeting by chanting and holding up signs. The YP’s reacted with the courtesy they are so noted for–they started a fight*.

Now go watch what happened next, because if I tell you, you won’t believe me. (I stole this from Adam at A violently executed blog who warns that those of you using a decent browser like Firefox or Opera may have difficulties getting the video, and suggests you use ‘Internet Exploder’ just this once.)

Did you watch it?

That’s right, campers, that Manhattan tv station did indeed catch this clean-cut YR–

–kicking a female** protester who was being held down by 3 (that’s right, three, count em) Secret Service guys. Should you see the right-wing hero pictured above outside your local 7-11, be advised that you have permission from the Pope to get three of your friends to hold him down while you kick him. (The Pope is a great believer in karma. Trust me.)***

* Note that in both cases it was the right-wing sludge who started the fracas.
** Note that in both cases the said sludge attacked a female. (At least the first one wasn’t tied down.)
*** In each of these cases, it was the protester who was arrested. In the second case, NO charges were filed against the scum pictured above.

Sorry to ruin your day like this, but I thought you ought to know.

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