Deliberate, Built-In Electronic Vote-Tampering

Oh yeah. What you suspected is true, and Bev Harris at Black Box Voting has just proved it.

Issue: Manipulation technique found in the Diebold central tabulator — 1,000 of these systems are in place, and they count up to two million votes at a time.

By entering a 2-digit code in a hidden location, a second set of votes is created. This set of votes can be changed, so that it no longer matches the correct votes. The voting system will then read the totals from the bogus vote set. It takes only seconds to change the votes, and to date not a single location in the U.S. has implemented security measures to fully mitigate the risks.

This program is not “stupidity” or sloppiness. It was designed and tested over a series of a dozen version adjustments. (emphasis added)

So a deliberate hole was created to allow vote fraud by simply entering a single, 2-digit code. Blip blip–2 keystrokes and you control an election. What possible legitimate use could this have? And bear in mind–the Diebold machines have NO paper trail–no way to check the electronic data against hard ballots. And who would have this code? Do I have to spell it out?

(Via charles dodgson at Through the Looking Glass)

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