Summer Fun

The Swedish Chef translates Junior’s infamous SOTU speech:

Mr. Speeker, Feece-a Preseedent Cheney, felloo Repoobleecun CEOs, terrureest-cuddleeng leeberels, telegeneec culured tuddlers, und uneeffurm-veereeng meelitery prups:Emereeca thees ifeneeng is a neshun vheepped intu a stete-a ooff perpetooel perunueea oofer terrureesm. Und I, yuoor Soopreme-a und Oomneeputent Leeder, em reesing tu soosteeen thet. (Applause.)

In shurt… BE EFREID. Be-a fery effreeed. Be-a cunstuntly und perseestently effreeed. Be-a tutelly cunsoomed by feer. Be-a ebsulootely, *censured*-in-yuoor-Duckers terreeffied. Tu du oozeerveese-a is tu fuloontereely ley yuoor blooe-a-iyed bebeees et zee Mooslemeeun elter ooff secreefficiel moorder. Ooff cuoorse-a, dun’t be-a su a’scered thet yuoo feel leeke-a yuoo cun’t let yuoor keeds pley hupscutch oon zee seedooelk oor gu ebuoot yuoor deeely booseeness es iff yuoo vere-a leefing in zee 90’s. I’fe-a gut yuoor beck. In fect, I’m zee oonly oone-a vhu knoos hoo tu prutect thees cuoontry frum zee hule-a dvellers vhu treeed tu keell my deddy.

This is a hoot–if you’re easily amused or bored out of your skull or a fan. You can write anything you like and this gizmo will turn it into Swedish Chef-speak. Very cool.

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